Inspired by Lorenz

In 1934, the Milanese watchmaker Tullio Bolletta founded La Regale, a watch company later named Lorenz. Guided by intuition, the founder decided to combine classic Italian style with Swiss technical mastery. A breakthrough idea for the time from which the social parable of happiness began. The Lorenz brand, synonymous with elegance and precision, has always been inspired by the concept of "Italian classics" and has values such as tradition, quality and innovation. Some wristwatch and chronometer collections are now considered iconic, and collaborations with renowned designers have resulted in products that have won awards for innovative design. Since 2015, Lorenz has been part of the Leader Watch Company, which has renewed the brand in terms of production, distribution and communication, cutting the path of a promising young designer who works at the Rinascente Design Center. This young designer of German descent was named Richard Sapper. The entrepreneur had a special need: to use timers, obsolete torpedoes, bought in bulk after the end of the war, to make a table clock. Mr. Bolletta also went straight to the Compasso d'Oro, the oldest and most prestigious award in the field of industrial design in the world. The sapper accepted the challenge and first took care of the suitcase, which had to contain the mechanism retrieved from the torpedoes, as well as the battery in order for them to work. The sapper managed to get around the problem of the excessive size of the internal mechanisms by using a configuration that was absolutely innovative for the watch at the time. The designer provided a dome-shaped cylinder made of a single piece of turned metal with a small flat part to support it. To keep it stable, Minesweeper has attached a sinker that keeps the item upright and returns it to the same position even when it is being rolled on a flat surface. To design the shield, Sapper traveled to a flea market in Milan, where he found a fighter-bomber shield with a decidedly retro look. This is how Static was born, today a timeless design icon, winner of the Compasso d'Oro 1960 for "simplicity and rigor of design, form and materials, object friendliness and writing culture".

Static technical features and design by Lorenz After years of public demand, Lorenz put the Static table clock back into production. The new version of Static no longer has the original timer but does feature a UTS quartz movement with a sweep of seconds. Static is a small clock conceived as a decorative item. It has a diameter of 6.5 cm and a length of 9.5 cm, while the weight of 850 g is impressive for its size. This is due to the weight inside which keeps the item stable even when it appears to be floating. The materials are of high quality: steel for the housing, aluminum dial and acrylic glass lens. The Static also comes with a sophisticated black saffiano leather case with a red velvet interior. Static is available in a variety of colors for both the case and dial. The satin or polished steel version is available in silver with a black or gold dial and brown with a white dial. The new Static in polished painted steel is available in white with a black dial, red and black with a white dial. com online store. Choose your preferred finish, choose a color and buy a real design icon.

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