Inspired by Emeco

In 1944, Wilton Carlyle Dinges founded Electrical Machine and Equipment Company (Emeco) in Hanover, Pennsylvania, using the skills of local artisans. During World War II, the US government commissioned him to make chairs that would be resistant to water, salt air and seamen. Make chairs light and strong, build them to last a lifetime. Aluminum was the obvious choice, designed with practicality in mind, designed by real people.

Emeco called the chair the number: 1006, some people call it the Naval Chair. We still call it Ten-o-six. Molding, welding, grinding, heat treating, finishing, anodizing - these are just some of the 77 steps you need to follow to build an Emeco chair. Nobody else makes chairs this way. Nobody can. It takes a human eye to know when a process is done correctly, and it takes human hands to do it that way. Our goal. Make recycling obsolete and make things permanent.

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