Inspired by Caccaro

In 1958, Caccaro started designing and manufacturing storage systems to help people better organize their living space. The company was founded with the aim of transforming the wall from a passive structural element into an active design presence and manufactures cabinets, display cases and cabinet systems. Salvino Caccaro founded the company in the late 1950s in the province of Padua. His dream was to create furniture that will last for many years, combining style, beauty, functionality and quality of materials. The company has quickly become one of the symbols of Made in Italy excellence around the world. With the second generation of the Caccaro, the company has made a big step forward. Not only focusing on the sleeping area, the company went beyond the traditional concept of a wardrobe and explored the very idea of a storage system. While Caccaro was given a more corporate structure, the company was able to constantly focus on quality and customization. Today, Caccaro designs and manufactures integrated furniture to create unique and distinctive living spaces - from bedrooms to living areas that delight over time. The company constantly strives for perfection and research while upholding the core values of Caccaro and adopting the Made in Italy standards that have provided the company with an international reputation. Each product is completely made in Italy respecting the absolute principles of quality

in fact, the company was one of the first in the country to introduce advanced water-based painting systems. By using the storage potential of each wall, the Freedhome collection adapts to many dimensions. It is a revolutionary storage concept that allows users to reinterpret and radically renew their home landscape. With Freedhome, a wall can be transformed from a surface that merely supports the structure of the house into a useful vertical element that meets the needs of users and makes the most of the available space. The modular concept is at the heart of Freedhome, whose innovative functional elements and dimensions make it completely flexible and adaptable to any context. The Freedhome solution includes a Roomy wardrobe with an integrated TV and various modules that can be combined according to personal needs. The Graphic wardrobe has sliding doors and combines different colors to harmonize with the embossed surfaces

its modules can be adapted to taste and function. A versatile solution for living and sleeping areas, the Grid cabinet is available in two widths with drawers and open compartments. The single-door model is narrower and offers space for storing the contents of the bags, while the two-door model is wider and offers space for items and books. The cabina, a modular wooden dressing room, is conceived as an open space that goes beyond storage and becomes a real piece of furniture. It is part of the Freedhome family, in this case with a vertical brace, but without doors and side panels, keeping the contents visible. Available in both line and corner solutions, the Cabin's versatility adapts to any space and can be combined with other Freedhome modules. Caccaro offers endless possibilities for adding space and pieces such as a connect puzzle, allowing users to create a variety of spaces for cooking, eating, working and relaxing. Caccaro spaces are designed to meet every need and application. Medium Storage collections give freedom in the organization of living space, combining several aesthetic options with different technical parameters

a varied line can be used in both the living and sleeping areas. Side is a wooden sideboard with hinged doors. It goes beyond the concept of storage and becomes a unique piece of furniture that uses space in a functional and personal way.

View is a ceiling hanger with many functions. Placed at the entrance, it can become a functional clothes hanger, while in an open space it will become a perfect room divider. Available in a variety of finishes and materials, it is the perfect choice for creative living space furnishings and aesthetic versatility. The company produces beds in a variety of colors, shapes and fabrics, paying particular attention to ergonomics and materials, as well as technological features such as adjustable sound and lighting systems to create truly friendly sleeping spaces.

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