Inspired by Vallvé

In 1962 Josep Maria Sedó Vallvé rented a simple barn in São Paulo. At that time, Vallvé turned its attention to resin, which was only used as an ingredient in the production of glass fiber products. As a magician, he begins his alchemy by mixing resin with metal, wood and acrylic, acrylic and metal. The aesthetics of the material is explored far beyond the technical parameters. Resources were practically non-existent. Using the empirical method, J. Vallvé begins to develop his own methodology. It produces its own grinders, lathes, processing and finishing machines and all resin processing technologies.

Vallvé - company history

1962 - J. Vallvé founds Nacroplex. Decorative items, modern knobs and handles made of shiny resin with mother-of-pearl reflections. We present collections of accessories, furniture, seats and other elements, always innovative in terms of design and materials.

1990s - Vallvé becomes a leader in the Brazilian luxury bathroom accessories market. Pedro Sedó, son of J. Vallvé, takes over the management of the company. Beginning of imports, with Vallvé in full national expansion: SP: D&D and Jardins, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Rio De Janeiro, Salvador, Maceió, Vitória and Manaus. The factory was moved to Cotia to meet the new demand. bathroom boutique).

2004 - Vallvé opens two licensed stores in the United States and is in the New York Times news.

(2003 Coral Gables and 2004 West Palm Beach - Florida) .

Today - With tradition Over 55 years, we have created an extraordinary brand that offers poetic innovation and excellent production. Through resin, our main raw material, we combine transparency and modernity with the heritage that J. Vallvé left us in his heritage.

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