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In 1990, Massimo Ferrati, Carlo Tatini and his son Alessandro founded K-array - an Italian company specializing in small, medium and large audio systems. Originally based in Fiesole, Florence, under the name HP Sound Equipment, the company started with a catalog of preamplified microphones. In 2005, the company moved to Mugello, changed its name to K-array, and began developing audiovisual systems for cinemas, theaters and events. The main focus of the brand is to design and manufacture instruments that can revolutionize sound reproduction to create a more perfect listening experience at all levels. The catalog offers compact, lightweight and technologically advanced products with remarkable aesthetics, in full compliance with the Made in Italy philosophy and traditional Italian craftsmanship values. K-Array products are aimed at individuals, sound engineers, party planners and DJs. Among the Tuscan collections, characterized by aesthetically progressive patterns, there is a new lighting department, K-Scape. The company has received numerous awards, including the 2014 EMEA InAVation Awards for the Anaconda speaker and the infoComm 2014 Best Of Show for the same product line. Today, K-array has offices all over the world, with operating divisions in Hong Kong, China, and Wellesley, USA, currently selling audio solutions. The result of 10 years of research, the speakers are small and compact thanks to the slim array technology. The Electronic Beam Control feature also offers the ability to digitally control the sound waves to ensure the same listening experience for the entire audience. The Mugello collection offers a range of small format speakers that ensure high sound quality. Their compact size and design allow for quick and easy assembly and reduce transport and assembly costs. Users can integrate KH2, KH3 and KH5 into a DANTE network for signal streaming and remote control with straight CAT5 Ethernet cables. Integration with the KS5 subwoofer creates a high-performance system across the entire audio spectrum in arenas, theaters, stadiums and concert halls, indoor and outdoor. The Mastiff Collection is a compact self-powered stage monitor that offers high performance and versatility. Perfect for touring, concerts and live events in large spaces, they are incredibly strong thanks to the stainless steel grille and birch frame. The Firenze collection is a unique series of line speakers that combines elegant design with exceptional performance.

Installed K-Array speakers: The technology and elegance of bars and restaurants thanks to the integration of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. The Installed Sound series is characterized by elegant design and high-quality materials.

is durable and resistant, it has an IP class that protects against atmospheric phenomena such as rain or wind. High-quality surfaces such as brushed or polished stainless steel, electroplating 24K gold or individual RAL colors enable optimal integration of the elements in any context.

Anakonda KAN200 is one of the highlights of the series
is a flexible linear diffuser that solves assembly problems when traditional diffusers cannot be used. The Rumble collection is a series of ultra-slim, high-performance subwoofers that perfectly complement the Lyzard, Vyper, Tornado and Anakonda speaker series. The Lyzard KZ14 loudspeaker collection impresses with very small dimensions, ideal for discreet installation in any context. Extremely durable - even in the elements thanks to the aluminum frame - it houses a linear array consisting of 4 long stroke 0.5 "drivers with integrated connectors. The Python series speakers have a more traditional shape, resulting in an elegant column with vertical or horizontal orientation. -array Ultralight Portable Systems The K-array Ultralight Portable Systems is the perfect solution for temporary indoor or outdoor installations. Installed Sound Series Kobra speakers, Thunder KMT12 Thunder subwoofer and Anakonda KAN200 The Pinnacle line is an integrated, self-powered speaker system that is easy to install and use, and includes a combination of Installed Sound Line Array components. , KR402 and KR802. different sizes and are available in black or white and in premium and custom RAL finishes. The combination of the Dragon speaker and K-Array active subwoofers creates three portable systems in the Axle range - KRX202, KRX402 and KRX802. Perfect for gigging DJs, multi-purpose rooms and clubs, the axis systems can be equipped with practical and functional accessories such as extendable poles or ceiling brackets.

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