Inspired by Quasar

In 1992 Quasar presented for the first time at the international fair: Euroluce in Milan. The look and feel of the time is still evident in our collection. It is worth noting that in the basic Quasar collection, most models are available in several material finishes. (aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, etc.) This makes the designs timeless, and the choice of materials determines the use of the item in a classic or modern style. is expanded to include models from world-renowned designers such as "Ravage", Edward van Vliet and the Belgian artist Jan Pauwels. New models are added every year, this steady growth in the collection has made Quasar one of the most creative lighting companies. This growth is followed by investments in a larger production company, excellent product quality and innovative packaging.

Quasar has been working with led for almost 10 years. So it's not the light of the future anymore. 90% of the new models are equipped with the highest quality LEDs.

Custom sizes, colors etc. are available for all models. As each project is different, often individually designed architects are important. It is even possible to create new models from architects' sketches.

Currently, exports account for around 75% of total turnover.

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