Inspired by Richard Lampert

In 1993, Richard Lampert founded a company based in Stuttgart. Its goal was to produce innovative and versatile furniture for everyday use, characterized by high-quality workmanship, design and sustainable development. What connects the objects designed by Richard Lampert is a combination of passion for the implementation of design ideas with full dedication and realism, giving each product an individual and timeless soul. This approach often poses serious challenges to a design capable of mass production. The company's dedicated and dedicated team successfully sells everything from unique pieces of furniture that provide well-being and comfort at home and in the workplace, from Eiermann and Herbert Hirche to modern, award-winning design icons and unconventional products from international designers. The Richard Lampert collection covers a wide range of areas, from indoor and outdoor furniture, to children's furniture, to living room and office furniture. The Cup seat collection is a perfect combination of avant-garde and traditional upholstery. The shapes of the chair and sofa, designed by Eric Degenhard, consist of single planes, creating a compact yet lightweight object. The armchair refers to the Bauhaus tradition, its prototype was designed by Herbert Hirche for Richard Lampert in 1953. Fabric armchair and leather armchair.

Tom Richard Lampert's collection includes stools, tables and coffee tables, poufs and footstools in various sizes and materials, all with rounded, bevelled shapes. Consisting of a black or chrome tubular steel frame and three or four stacked cushions, the Fat Tom is an unconventional stool available in a variety of color and material combinations. Fat Tom is accompanied by Island Tom, a curved sofa made of a comfortable and refined fabric that can be positioned in the center of the room as a free-standing island. The Tom sofa is also available in a wide range of leather and fabric coverings that can be combined to suit any office, shop, theater or home need. Today's Little Tom stool was originally designed as a footstool, which marked the beginning of a large Tom family. Its innovative concept later found great acclaim at the legendary German Eiermann and Rufa Pavilion at Expo 1958. Matching with the E10 Rattan Lounge Chair, the collection includes the E14 footstool, a small, lightweight seat that is ideal for different areas of the home, suitable for furnishing outdoor surfaces. such as balconies and terraces. The rattan structure is characterized by attention to detail without compromising the stability of a small seat.

Design Made in Germany by Richard Lampert: function and detail Richard Lampert's timeless and timeless objects are perfect for furnishing outdoor and indoor spaces in residential, office and utility rooms. The company's solutions are refined and innovative, each with its own history, which is the result of the greatest care for design and functionality of the equipment elements. The open shelf Hirche DHS10 was designed by Herbert Hirche himself in 1954. The modern shelving system reflects the design principles of an important era in the history of German industrial design. The rack is characterized by functional simplicity and attention to detail.

consists of "ladders" made of tubular steel into which shelves, rear panels or shelves are inserted. Individual components can be combined to generate different configurations and applications. The versatile Pip has fire retardant fabric seats. The concept is based on a fun idea: all component panels, seats and backrests can be combined and combined as desired. Single, double and triple elements and benches can be set to change direction or as corner seats. Famille Garage is part of a collection of children's furniture with a wardrobe made of varnished wood. It can be combined with a removable headrest and footrest, as well as a pull-out bed, the slatted frame and mattress with different heights. The collection also includes a storage compartment that hides its various functions. The table top can be used as a children's table or changing table, while the lower part of the cabinet can become a small bench with legs

shelves also act as shelves. Practical, colorful drawers allow users to store clothes and essentials for children, keeping rooms tidy without sacrificing design.

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