Inspired by Metal&Wood

Over the past decade, Metal & Wood has developed an outstanding collection of minimalist, functional furniture in original quality. Metal and wood products try to integrate through materials, lines and shapes with the place where they will be placed, be it a private residence, hotel, club or a new conceptual space. Each of the metal and wooden elements is finished in a decidedly high quality thanks to deep wood processing, adaptation of simple, ancient and proven techniques to modern ones, thanks to which it is characterized by a unique aesthetics of manual work. They believe in a design that can be enjoyed a lifetime.

The creative process of metal and wood

Each piece of furniture is refined and improved until it is ready to be included in the collection. Product ideas are first hand drawn and then modeled directly in the workshop. In the first phase, a practical approach is followed: the creative process is therefore not limited to prototyping and rendering, but is a moment of experimentation, always in motion and constantly evolving.

Metal and wood materials
< / br> The traditional wood finish is an oil finish that is deeply embedded in the wood. Depending on the wood and the intended use, each item undergoes a seven-step oiling and polishing process that is unique. As the solid wood matures, each element takes on a unique character over time. All metal is hand bent, shop welded, sanded or polished, hand sawn and always putty free. The steel surface is powder coated or colorless with motorcycle paint. Depending on the structural integrity of the object and the metal to be used, various metals and finishes, such as stainless steel, copper or brass, are also available individually or on request according to their distinctive innovative character. Computer Aided Design software is used to explore different materials, dimensions and settings with the customer. The company is also constantly working on its projects, adapting them to different shapes and forms, transforming them into new spaces. They believe that a good piece of furniture, becoming a standalone antiquity, should fit the space it occupies.

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