Inspired by Laubo

At LAUBO, we believe that quality and functionality should be combined with a unique appearance, giving a sense of warmth, comfort and luxury. We want the products we offer to arrange unique private and commercial spaces in which you want to stay for a long time. We want the climate and atmosphere of the outdoor zone to be a natural extension of what is inside.

Each element is hand-made by experienced workers. We are glad that we can check our products and control their quality at every stage of their production. This allows us to think of our business not as a production line, but as a craft. Sometimes we start by creating a new product ourselves to learn about its strengths and be able to improve the design when everything is not what we dreamed of. We care about quality and solid workmanship. We want you to enjoy our products for years to come.

There is a group of friends behind LAUBO. When designing green areas, we could not find large, interesting pots that would match the aesthetics of our projects, so ... we made them ourselves! We dreamed of durable and weather-resistant products, aesthetically made and simply beautiful. We started in 2010 with making the first pots for our own projects. Since then, we have developed our production facilities and significantly expanded the range, making our products available not only to those for whom we designed the outdoor space, but also to a wider audience. But ideas for new things are still not exhausted. They say we just like to create!

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