Inspired by Martini Interiors

In a small craft laboratoryBorn in 1965 thanks to Giorgio Martini, the founder and still owner of the company, in a small craft workshop in the furniture district of Verona, Martini Interiors immediately distinguished itself by the use of high-quality raw materials as well as the class and elegance of the proposed product. The original production, related exclusively to the world of the kitchen, since the mid-70s has expanded its offer with living rooms and bedrooms with complete sets of matching elements that can be freely combined, which over time has become an additional element of pride. and the creation of custom designs have made Martini Interiors one of the leading companies in the segment of classic furniture at a high level, so much so that it is the art of Italian furniture in the most prestigious houses in the world represented.

Martini Interiors is constantly looking for new expansion areas that will allow to best express the artistic and production potential of the company, and this is where Simona, Arianna and Serena, Giorgio's three daughters, come into play. The second generation of the company, visionary and ready to constantly expand horizons. A significant step forward that gave Martini Interiors a strong international imprint: the furniture became complete residential projects and it was the beginning of an important collaboration with international architectural and interior design studios, opening the door to more and more ambitious projects: from custom, to bespoke, to tailor-made furniture. as housing projects.

The evolution continues with the widening of the assortment and new catalogs, aimed at satisfying the tastes of more and more attentive, demanding, conscious and technological customers. Faithful to the principle of individualization and individualization, Martini Interiors has expanded its business to contract apartments. This process has made the company even more flexible and able to meet any demand for furniture. In 2018 Martini Interiors opened its new showroom in the heart of Verona, where the commercial part is located, while in 2019 the new company headquarters was opened in Bovolone, in the province of Verona.

Made in Italy excellence, know- how resulting from continuous research and innovation, tailoring, personalization and customer care are the values that distinguish Martini Interiors and make their offer unique. Martini Interiors is not only furniture, but also personalized projects that skillfully combine tradition with modernity and can be translated into a unique atmosphere. Thanks to her creative and technical skills, Martini Interiors combines different elements and finds a character trait that gives class and elegance to the whole house. Careful selection of materials in which wood is the protagonist, from plantations with controlled deforestation, enriched with surface treatments and non-toxic adhesives. care, where time is not an element to question, but the savor of getting the best results.

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