Inspired by Thea

In Greek mythology, Thea was one of the goddesses of the Titanides: she was the goddess of light and was associated with the radiant glow of metals and gems. Thea was founded in her honor, following the same pursuit of perfection with which Greek sculptures inspired Renaissance artists.

Thea's craftsmanship. each has expert masters in specific processes. The variety of artisanal production in the area and the quality that has been handed down over the centuries in artisan workshops are a source of inspiration for us and allow us to offer a wide range of services. Thea's goal is to improve with each item she completes. We believe in a future where quality has a measurable and significant value, also for customers who, by investing in local workforce with respect to history and production, will contribute to the preservation of knowledge and values.

Choice of Thea materials Each product is made of high-quality materials, referring to the tradition of Tuscany, and combines the craftsmanship passed down through centuries of artistry with contemporary forms of design, the Italian language. Advanced technologies such as 3D modeling, laser cutting and the use of numerical machines are used in process improvement cases. They choose their materials from a wide range of traditional Tuscan raw materials and finishes, where every small town has specialized in certain processes for centuries. The skins come from Pisa, the different types of wood are from Pistoia, and the metals were mined in the mines of Elba by the Etruscans. In Prato, famous for its textiles and historical links to China, mother of pearl and bamboo have been imported for centuries. The nearby town of Lastra a Signa offers its mastery of straw craftsmanship with its handbags, hats and dresses. And how could we forget Carrara with its gray veined white marble quarries and the even more prestigious Calacatta and Breccia pink marbles. Beautiful rocks such as slate, Roman travertine and volcanic onyx can be found all over the Italian coast. The enormous variety, creativity and ingenuity that Tuscany offers, which can also be found in its rich culinary tradition, lead to constantly evolving creations and original combinations of raw materials.

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