Inspired by Mosa

In Moza, we have a passion for ceramics. For over 130 years, we have been creating tiles from the purest materials and the magic of innovative Dutch design. By adopting the Cradle to Cradle philosophy and committed to providing the best support, we enable our customers around the world to create distinctive and durable buildings. Mosa tiles enrich walls, floors, facades and terraces in private, commercial and public interiors and exteriors in more than 30 countries on four continents.

Dutch cosmopolitan Mosa embodies the best of Dutch design. Many years of experience and rich heritage in the production of ceramics mean that timeless aesthetics meets functionality and masterful craftsmanship. Although the company is active worldwide, local production and a regional supplier network remain the heart of the company. Today, we continue to design, develop and manufacture our tiles in Maastricht, where Mosa was founded in 1883. We work closely with our clients from the very beginning. This allows us to really get involved in each project to best anticipate the needs of our customers.

Smart Design The Dutch are known for their contemporary, functional and innovative design. Mosa maintains a strong connection with these roots. The elegant design, cleanliness and simplicity of our tiles directly reflect their Dutch character. Our passion and heritage drive Mosa's constant search for the best solutions to the challenges of the international architectural world. This means that our tiles are not only aesthetic

For us, appearance is as important as functionality and sustainability. We always make sure our tiles meet all functional requirements and are durable

or as long as you need them.

Acting globally Mosa tiles are produced locally but can be found globally. Our broad customer base, the diversity and cosmopolitan culture of our employees, and the growing number of employees mean that Mosa is built to operate internationally. We represent Dutch design in over 30 countries and on four continents. Wherever you are, Mosa speaks your language.

Mosa's pioneering innovation is driven by innovation, which is reflected in every board. We constantly research, develop and improve our product, offering our clients creative freedom and making sure they only get the best for their projects. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of our profession, both aesthetically and technically. In addition to producing cutting-edge, Cradle to Cradle-certified sustainable ceramics, Mosa aims to challenge the perception of the role of tiles in the construction process. In fact, we consider this process of building and laying our tiles as an integral part of the project. That is why we make sure that our products are always accompanied by personalized services to facilitate their use.

Committed to the best support Our services reflect the high expectations of our customers. Your benefit is at the heart of our business. Both in person and online, we offer tailored support, detailed information and the right tools to help our customers translate ceramic surfaces into architecture. Throughout the construction process, Mosa supports you with data and services to help you design with our collection. We strive to adapt to your preferred way of working so that our service becomes a seamless part of your project.

A sustainable future Our tiles are designed to stand the test of time. At Mosa, we look to the future, so environmental protection, sustainable development and the well-being of future generations are of key importance to us. We adhere to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy. This circular approach helps us make a positive contribution to our society, our economy and our planet. In fact, nearly all of our tile collection is Cradle to Cradle certified, ensuring Mosa plays a key role in achieving sustainable building labels.

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