Inspired by Zafferano Ailati Lights

In 2021, the AiLati and Zafferano Bespoke collections were grouped into the zafferano Ailati Lights brands, comprising indoor and outdoor luminaires.

Ailati is a product line dedicated to indoor and outdoor lighting, specialized in decorative and technical lighting solutions. Ailati products are distinguished by their neutral colors and minimalistic, contoured geometric lines, mainly achieved with milk glass in combination with other high-quality materials. Their design is based on state-of-the-art technological standards: the use of a new generation of LED light sources; research into quick and easy assembly and fastening systems; the use of durable materials; and high IP ratings.
All these features play an important role in improving the efficiency of the luminaires, which increases the lifetime and quality of the light while optimizing operating costs, especially when large-scale lighting systems are installed. The contract-furnishing sector is therefore a natural choice for those luminaires that can be stylistically incorporated in a variety of contexts: from private spaces and public places such as hospitality amenities, commercial spaces and offices.

Zafferano Bespoke is a collection dedicated to interior decor lighting, with a particular focus on creating tailor-made projects. The catalog of collections - original, colorful and with great personality - the embodiment of Federico de Majo's thirty years of experience in designing lighting projects and artistic glassworks, who acquired a job for decades in Murano alongside the masters glass blowers, and driven by his passion and knowledge Italian project
All models can be customized and contain modular elements, allowing a lot of creative design solutions to be small. - and large - scale lighting installations. All the details, from the colors to the metal finishes, can be adjusted and shaped to suit the functional needs and tastes, thus creating unlimited variations in shape and composition. Thanks to these special features, the Zafferano-Bespoke collections allow distinctly exclusive and striking interiors to be created, with eye-catching decorative effects of light and color. They can be perfectly incorporated into custom lighting projects for hotels and large spaces.

Zafferano Ailati Lights is a brand of Zafferano Srl, founded in 2001 by Venetian designer Federico de Majo to decorate and customize living spaces, fully expressing the functionality and aesthetics of Italian design.

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