Inspired by Casali

In one hundred countries around the world, including Italy, Casali is a reference brand synonymous with quality, professionalism and technical support in the construction sector.

Casali was founded in 1936 as a manufacturer of products protecting buildings against the effects of water and since then has been working on finding the most innovative and efficient solutions, taking into account the latest developments in construction technology and the need to protect the environment as a valuable resource for the protection of people. In our very long history, we have gained unique experience, which we provide our customers with reliable products and systems for solving the most demanding construction tasks, especially in the field of waterproofing, and later with products ensuring solid comfort and high-performance sports surfaces. Our historic membrane division includes: a modern line of prefabricated modified bitumen-based bitumen membranes (APP-SBS) specially designed for roofing and large structures, a line for special applications (such as root locking, fire protection, vapor barrier membranes and self-protecting metal membranes) Laminate etc) and Waterproof Thermal Insulation product line.

Plastics division, launched in 1992, includes a liquid waterproofing product line, an asbestos consolidation product line, and a resin line for industrial and sports flooring.

Finally, the Synthetic Geomembrane business includes an innovative line of environmentally friendly polyolefin membranes for civil and large construction applications, while the Acoustic business includes a line of air and impact-absorbing products that provide acoustic comfort in buildings.

The world of Casali products guarantees the best technology, and high-quality raw materials are strictly controlled. Casali's manufacturing process has been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and the company is certified to affix the CE mark. Casali has also obtained numerous international and national certifications in the various countries where it operates - all of which attest to the outstanding performance and durability of its products, such as Enduring Quality Waterproof Membranes, which prove 30 years after installation to be ... proven effective. In Italy, Casali's production facilities cover an area of 25,000 square meters. (11,000 sq m of coverage) and strategically located between Ancona airport, Falconara Marittima train station and Ancona seaport. The most modern technology, innovative systems and constant attention to the specific needs of our customers are the foundations of our philosophy, which puts people (with their human and professional skills) at the center of our work and is a true synthesis between research, projects, products and services in order to guarantee exactly the right solutions to traditional and new problems in an ever-changing construction industry around the world.

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