Inspired by Trone

As a result of the collaboration of designers, engineers and experienced craftsmen, Trone was born with one mission: rediscover the toilet.

New designer toilets, colorful and made with a short supply chain in France and Italy. For a less monotonous and more unique experience: Unforgettable!

A facility that never changed

Since 1775, when the modern toilet was created, they have never been reinvented. < / br>
Toilets were never desired . Never before have toilets been part of creating an aesthetic space. Buying toilets has never been a pleasure.

This is what Trone is all about.

When intimacy becomes sublime

Trone's ambition: rediscover toilet.

The main point is to make the toilet a desirable, unique and with character object.

Breaking the taboo to make the toilets elegant, a symbol of refined taste, an unexpected decorative element , but necessary.

However, it is not just about toilets as objects, but we rethink the space and experience of the toilet.

Purpose? To bring back the meaning of a French phrase that has disappeared from "resting place": a place of comfort where you feel good.

ICONE01 - reference to designer restrooms

Our engineers and designers started from zero. They wanted to rethink everything: materials used, ergonomics, functionality, hygiene, comfort, aesthetics ...

This is how ICONE01 was born: from combining high-quality elements to create an item 100% made in France.

ICONE01, It's an enameled ceramic toilet bowl. Working with ceramics is rare knowledge: enamel mix, careful dosing, timely baking, ... give our ceramics its transparency and solidity. And from these reactions, colors are also born that have never been obtained before, making each piece unique and unique. Since water is valuable, we decided to sublimate it, save it (minimum consumption: 3L / 6L) and increase its efficiency. Unique. Playful. Magical!

ICONE01 is also an ash wood seat, providing solidity and thermal comfort provided by wood. It can also be good!

ICONE01, finally brushed and anodized aluminum finishes in order to obtain a product whose aesthetics is consistent and finished down to the smallest detail.

Customize the color in a perfectly monochrome the universe. Make a cut with Basic in an already loaded universe. Or just pick your favorite color.

Smooth, speckled, flocked ... these modern and designed toilets will add a bit of madness to your interior.

Install them, don't tell anyone and be enchanted. And it will not surprise only one!

You are unique. Your toilets must be too!

Let's be clear

We have nothing to hide. In fact, the opposite is true!

Our toilets are 100% made in France:

Our ceramics are enameled in Desvres.

Ash wood of our planks toilet seat is stained in Arras

The water tank is cut one hour east of Paris.

Our aluminum parts are anodized an hour west of Paris.

A short video we are proud of!

Vision - reinventing

Every day our teams explore the possibilities offered by digital technologies, robotics, imaging, ergonomics, artificial intelligence, etc. .

Our challenge has always been to use innovation in the interests of comfort, hygiene and design to create the most extraordinary toilet experience.

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