Inspired by Waterproof

WATERPROOF is an ideal bioclimatic pergola for living, shading and protecting outdoor spaces: terraces, patios, gardens and parking lots. The versatility of the design of the slats, adjustable at an angle from 0 to 115 °, allows it to be completely closed, taking advantage of convenient shading and allowing sunlight in a modular manner, pleasantly illuminating the spaces below the various tilting possibilities of the slats. When closed, adjustable louvers protect the environment below from rain and sun, adding extra utility and comfort to covered areas. On the other hand, the open slats ensure a pleasant natural ventilation of the shaded area, constantly allowing optimal air circulation and modulation of light intensity.

WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION Thanks to its essential design, the pergola fits perfectly into any architecture and context in which it is inserted, with the advantage that it presents itself fully. The various possible combinations and the versatility of opening the slats allow for complete creative freedom in the design phase.

The WATERPROOF bioclimatic pergola, made of powder coated extruded aluminum, is available in an island or building-based version, but it is also possible to create unique , fully customizable solutions.

Thanks to the versatile fasteners, Waterproof can also be used in the coldest months of the year. In the evening, the lighting under the pergola was entrusted to LED spotlights inserted into the slats. A choice that allows you to have light whose intensity can be modulated to create a comfortable environment at any time of the evening. In combination with infrared heating systems that are available on request, the glass closures guarantee a room protected by WATERPROOF excellent climate comfort, which makes it usable all year round.

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