Inspired by Wave Murano Glass

Wave Murano Glass is made up of a small group of glass blowers and glass experts, led by glass master and production manager Roberto Beltrami. They work in a recently renovated stove on the island of Murano. Established in 2017, the company quickly drew attention to the market with the originality of its products and the ability to create new shapes and concepts from old material. What makes Wave Murano Glass different from other Murano stoves is led by a glass master who is also a physics specialist. Huge knowledge of the dynamics of materials as well as chemical and thermal reactions allowed Roberto Beltrami to find new solutions as well as improve old working techniques. He did this for two classic methods from the Murano list, called Rubino Oro and Opalino glass, which have recently been banned due to excessive arsenic concentration. By studying and experimenting with new options, Roberto Beltrami has found a new formula that allows these glasses to be created without arsenic, making them more "environmentally friendly" without compromising the artistic value of the products. The traditional tools used to create Murano glass also follow the innovative trend generated by Roberto Beltrami's technical expertise. The oven, in which 10 crucibles work at the same time, allows the use of many colors at the same time and offers a wider range of creative possibilities. Today, the Wave Murano Glass team is made up of some of the most skilled artisans on the island. They were able to develop a series of exceptional designs and able to start profitable partnerships with all the finest furniture and design markets and with all the leading brands in the luxury industry as everyone realized that Wave Murano Glass innovation is the perfect component to fulfill your "glass" dreams. On Murano, an island proud of its past, the birth of the unique and new company Murano Glass is a window open to the future, a guarantee of longevity for a tradition that needs "fresh air" to maintain its high reputation in the world.

History of the Murano Glass Wave
The history of the Murano Glass Wave is short, but most of all it is proof that a sudden, real, proper and refreshing wind can rise and create something new, even in a too quiet Venetian lagoon road. The Wave Murano glass industry is definitely one of those trends. Born in 2017 from a small group of brave innovators, the entity wanted to emphasize its philosophy of research, movement and change by choosing the name Wave Murano Glass for a new art glass company. Roberto Beltrami, who was not born on the island, left Boston and had a promising career in physics. He decided to humbly introduce himself to the honorable masters who perpetuate one of the greatest Italian symbols of the world market in order to "learn the art". Roberto studied, studied and trained with some of the best glass masters such as Pino Signoretto, Oscar Zanetti and Paolo Crepax. He learned so quickly and well that in 2015, he became the first under-30 master to be able to study at the prestigious glassworker school of Abate Zanetti in Murano. Ideas Roberto Beltrami meant not to wait too long to show up. They combined a growing and skillful technique with surprising and valuable theoretical knowledge of the material and its processes. Roberto Beltrami had to get his own space for his ideas to express themselves. Thus, in early 2017, Wave Murano Glass was born, built to become a laboratory for experiment, research, creativity and production with the aim of renewing centuries-old techniques and working methods. Courage, skill, ambition and technique are essential to start a new chapter in Murano's history. The same story is already filled with master glass, lighting designers and business owners, but I have a soft spot for anchoring in my own beliefs and time-honored manufacturing methods. Today, Wave Murano Glass is trying to rewrite the old story with knowledge and prudence, but at the same time a new one.

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