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Wiener GTV Design (Gebrüder Thonet Vienna) is one of three European manufacturers of original Thonet furniture. Woodworker Michael Thonet founded the company in 1853 after he moved to Vienna from Germany at the invitation of his great admirer, the Austrian Chancellor Metternich. By 1865, Gebrüder Thonet, which started as a family business run by the founder and his five sons, already had 22 single-brand stores worldwide. The company's success was based on the revolutionary wood bending method patented by Michael Thonet, resulting from over fifty years of research and experimentation. This era saw the birth of the first chair in the celebrated Thonet collection. The N.1 chair, intended for the Schwarzenberg Palace in Vienna, was then the N.4 chair, intended for the Daum Café on the Viennese Kohlmarkt, and later by the glorious n.14 chair, which would be played as many as 45 million times in 1903. As a new age dawned, The company began working with avant-garde architects of the Viennese Art Nouveau, including Otto Wagner, who designed the Postparkasse furniture collection, and Adolf Loos, who created the Café Museum chair. Today, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna is part of the Moschini Group led by Poltron Frau founder Franco Moschini. Thanks to the collaboration with the renewed world of design, the brand has regained its leading role in the international arena.
Re-editions of the iconic Wiener GTV Project piecesIn In addition to the Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos collections, the Wiener GTV catalog design includes re-editions of other iconic pieces that have made the company - and design - history. Dating from 1904 Wiener Stuhl beech chair is characterized by a covering structure consisting of only a few elements, such armrests, made in one piece, with a backrest to form the rear legs. Suitable for furnishing public places such as restaurants and cafes, according to the original design, Vienna 144 beech chair adaptation model Adolf Loos. The collection consists of a Vienna 144 chair with armrests and plywood or an upholstered seat and a Vienna 144 high or low stools
Designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1930, the N. 811 is available in three versions. - one with a Vienna straw seat and backrest, one with an upholstered seat and backrest, and the other with an upholstered Vienna straw seat and backrest. The collection is completed by the N.811 stool dash and N.811 chairs armrests.
production from 190, floor standing Kleiderstænder curved beech wood coat hanger timeless classic. The soft, soft forms create an elegant and functional object that also serves as an umbrella stand.
Of course, the Wiener GTV Design catalog contains icon icons, chairman N.14. With its simple but elegant forms and universal and timeless design, it is suitable for any public or residential context.
The new Wiener GTV structural furniture collections for a new residential trajectory and the useWiener GTV design contract began in 2013 under Riccardo Pigati. In addition to its renewed production quality achieved by moving production to Italy, the company has launched collections created by famous designers in the Gebrüder Thonet tradition. In addition, the company focuses on improving its contract sector, traditionally a strong point from Thonet products to coffee shops, hotels, theaters and other public places.
The Caryllon collection is characterized by a decoration in the intense colors typical of designer Cristina Celestino's language with which Gebrüder Thonet reinterprets the tradition. The Caryllon side table has a distinctive top formed by 4 intersecting circles and a decoration with straw stripes, paying tribute to the art of inlaying. Profile and legs are in constant bend. The collection is completed by the Caryllon rectangular or round dining table, available in various colors. The Targa collection seating by the Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi returns bent and Viennese straw in a modern key, offering comfortable armchairs and sofas with essential oils and elegant lines. A curved beech frame supports the seat with large cushions and a curved back that integrates the armrests. The collection consists of a two- or three-seater sofa, armchair and ottoman. The Swedish front studio uses a distinctive ironic and poetic language to design several objects for the Gebrüder Thonet, including the Laminate Peers and Bent Coffee Table, Cassette Bench Coat, on the curved and glass Arch Coffee Table, and the armchair hiding place with a square structure of wood armrests and tall Vienna straw.
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