Inspired by Howe

We believe in the sense of the HOWE movement

the idea that what we do pushes not only the levels of craftsmanship or the boundaries of design, but also the people who use it every day.

That is why all HOWE chairs and tables offer impeccable functionality. You can fold them. You can stack them. You can fold them in any way you like, optimizing the spaces in which we work, think, learn and communicate.

As you feel comfortable in them

look, originality, way b, how form follows function, last detail. Again and again.

We are HOWE and we believe in moving design. Since 1928

Long Prosperous JourneyHOWE Furniture was founded in 1928 in Trumbull, Connecticut by Harold Howe. HOWE started by creating chart tables, snack tables, bedside tables, folding cradles, wooden hat stands, sewing tables, and almost all of the foldable furniture. The early HOWE slogan was: "IF IT FOLD, ASK HOWE." In the 20th century, HOWE became the leading brand for versatile and space-saving tables in North America. The slogan was TABLES = HOWE. The European HOWE organization began in the late 1960s. under a license agreement. Later, in 1989, HOWE acquired a European licensee and its production facilities and operations in Denmark. HOWE Europe a / s became a reality. It produced chairs and tables. In the 1990s and early 2000s, HOWE in Europe and HOWE in the US evolved into two independent brands with different entry concepts and strategies. The European organization grew thanks to its A&D-oriented strategy and strong product development. In 2011, we implemented ONE WORLD - ONE HOWE, which means that European HOWE all North American HOWE-Activities have taken over and with the launch of the European strategy and the HOWE collection in North America has begun. HOWE's international operations are managed from Denmark, with strong international sales and an extensive supply network. HOWE a / s has offices in the USA, Great Britain, France and Poland. HOWE is owned by CF Group.

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