Inspired by Carpanelli

We believe that the tradition of working with wood should never be betrayed in the spirit of renewal. The thrill is what we do!

Furnishing is giving meaning to our own world by transforming the space we live in into a place

that suits our way of being.

Translating the space at home becomes more than just a selection of furnishings that fill the living context that surrounds our daily life.

The house has become a private space, perceived as an oasis where you can relax and unwind. Taking care of yourself. Choosing furniture becomes a mirror in which we recognize ourselves, create an environment in which we feel comfortable with ourselves and with others, and define the character and lifestyle of those who choose them.

"Carpanelli Workshop" started the production of furniture in 1919, following the best Italian manufacturing tradition and interpreting the craftsmanship of the best carpenters with a contemporary vision.

Originally he arranged the most prestigious houses of the Milanese nobility and their summer residences in Brianza.

Today Carpanelli continues its path, creating furniture with a contemporary design, combining tradition and innovation resulting from the skilful use of natural materials such as wood, metal, glass and leather, leading the characters in a truly original and sensitive way we are. Imagine and imagine our home in search of a space with an elegant and pleasant appearance.

A marriage of tradition and innovation, born of the wise use of noble materials such as wood, metal, glass, marble and leather, the heroes of the original project.

The collections are designed in "LAB CARPANELLI" to interpret the craftsmanship of the best woodwork in line with contemporary sensibilities.

Experiments rooted in technical knowledge of precious wood production and the most sophisticated techniques carpentry.

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