Inspired by Ottostumm

Otto's Tower | Mogs is the result of a perfect combination of Swiss technology and Italian creativity.

Inspired by Bauhaus heritage but enriched with the elegance of "Italian style", Ottostumm | Mogs designs and manufactures window and door systems of exceptional elegance and exceptional performance. Developed with high-quality materials - painted steel, natural steel, Cor-Ten steel, stainless steel and architectural bronze - Ottostumm | Mogs systems offer high-quality solutions for any design challenge, whether in renovation or modern architecture.

The result is extraordinary beauty.

Narrow profiles for minimalist windows and doors < / br>
Otto Stumm | Mogs is the thinnest profile for windows and doors in architecture: only 18 mm visible tubular profile provides exceptionally clean lines.

Special surfaces such as polished stainless steel and architectural bronze make it possible to make windows and doors of the highest class style.

The happy FerroFinestra series, from hot rolled English-style profiles to the wide range of dimensions of the new W75 with thermal break, has been used successfully in many award-winning institutional, commercial and high-end residential building projects.

quality, safety and efficiency

Made in Switzerland on high precision production lines, Ottostumm | Mogs steel profiles are manufactured from a continuous formed and welded steel sheet with a thickness of not less than 2 mm (except 15/10 series), which significantly increases the burglary resistance.

Profile depth (65-75 mm ) is designed for all types of double and triple glazing to ensure maximum energy savings.

Otto Stumm | Mogs systems are certified by the most renowned institutes, including IFT Rosenheim.

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