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A leading player in the Italian luxury furniture industry, Bruno Zampa is a design and craft company specialized in contemporary living, dining rooms and bedrooms. Since 1960, Bruno Zampa has concentrated its production in one of the oldest Italian furniture districts based in Verona, offering a wide product catalog and meeting all interior design requirements. An outstanding tradition of craftsmanship, the use of valuable materials and continuous research and development: these values ​​always stand out in Bruno Zampa's creations. The attention to detail works with the use of exclusive materials: fabrics, leather, wood veneers, metals and natural stones are selected and handcrafted to provide the highest quality products, offering the most authentic Italian luxury.
Luxury Crafted in Verona The company prides itself today. 4 in-house production plants: carpentry, tailoring, upholstery, polishing and more than 70 craftsmen at work every day. The production center is created exclusively by local craftsmen, custodians of old and prestigious processing techniques. This allows the company to offer an exclusive type of luxury and the possibility of custom-made furniture.
Timeless reliability Bruno Zampa has its origins in 1960 in one of the oldest Italian furniture manufacturing districts based in Verona. Its founder, Mr. Bruno Zampa, started his business by opening a small artisan shop where experienced master craftsmen created unique items for princes and lords.
Over the years, the company expanded its business, but always preserving its heritage and its manufacturing expertise furniture. Although classic furniture was in vogue at the time of the company's inception, the Zampa family immediately understood the importance of combining craftsmanship traditions with contemporary features, pushing for the creation of luxurious Made in Italy collections.
Andrea Zampa, now CEO of the company, is convinced that exclusive handmade products combined with international flavor and a strong customer focus are essential for the company to strive for long-term success. He soon began to spread the brand abroad, first in Russia, the Middle East, Asia and then virtually all over the world.
Custom Design Bruno Zampa offers a design team of experienced interior designers and technicians who are able to support customers at all stages of the design process, from concept to on-site installation. Bruno Zampa demonstrates his skills in managing and adapting complex projects worldwide, positioning himself as a fully specialized brand for luxury furniture and interior concepts.
Come visit Verona Hub To truly understand luxury, the best way is to experience it. That is why Bruno Zampa is always pleased to welcome his Clients and Partners to Verona HUB, where visitors can experience craftsmanship at work, see the full range of 15 completed projects in the 1,025 m² Gallery and meet the design team.

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