Inspired by Wittmann

Wittmann is an Austrian company specializing in the production of contract furniture, especially in the residential and sleeping sectors. The company embodies an old and solid tradition, the roots of which go back to a saddlery and leather shop founded by the family in 1896 near Vienna. In the 1960s, Franz Wittmann decided to transform the company into the production of upholstered furniture, calling on designers and architects to design the collection. Wittmann's mission is to offer classic style, elegant and comfortable furniture that can stand the test of time. Each piece is handmade and can be customized to meet the most specific requirements. Wittmann has an extensive and varied catalog for restaurants, offices, boutiques and hotel furnishings, which also includes re-editions of design icons such as Josef Hoffmann's and Friedrich Kiesler's seats. Among the most representative works in the Wittmann style, the Contessa 1956 armchair stands out as a design classic that has recently returned to the catalog with an astonishing reinterpretation.

Wittmann solutions for furnishing the living space In addition to the updated version of the Contessa 1956 armchair, Wittmann proposes a re-edition of the seats, that have gone down in the history of design. The legendary collections of sofas and armchairs designed by Josef Hoffmann a hundred years ago, including Kubus, Allegasse, Villa Gallia, Sitzmaschine, among others, return to decorating contemporary spaces thanks to their love of timeless design and craftsmen from Wittman. championship. The armchairs in the rationalist style of Friedrich Kiesler have also undergone valuable re-editions, such as the Party Lounge sofa or the Freischwinger Nr.2 armchair. Wittmann's collaboration with architect Johannes Spalt in the 1950s resulted in the 3/4 furniture collection, which reappeared in today's catalog with the Constanze 3/4 armchair with tufted upholstered back and seat and thin chrome steel legs. Among Wittmann's new entries, the Paradise Bird collection stands out; Designed by Luca Nichetto, it includes a lounge chair, a high back chair, a two-seater sofa and a pouffe. The airy metal structure with vertical mesh includes spacious seats upholstered in high-quality goose feathers and fluffy cushions. A collection with a purely contemporary design, and at the same time drawing inspiration from the iconic Wittmann models, combining elegance and comfort. The Miles collection with soft and compact lines includes a sofa, armchair, footstool and a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture dubbed "pouflounge" by designer Sebastian Herkner. Bed, sofa and dormeuse at the same time Pouf Miles is a place where you can rest, work, sleep alone or with other people. The Vuelta collection was created by Jaime Hayon to decorate the refined elegance of lounges and dining rooms in public spaces, while guaranteeing the individual comfort of the Wittmann brand Sofas, dormeuses, armchairs, chairs, benches with smooth, tight shapes form a comprehensive collection that will meet all needs.

Wittmann solutions for the night zone Wittmann can boast many years of experience in the design and production of high-quality beds and mattresses Wittmann solutions for the night zone are built on a modular system that allows you to compose a bed by selecting elements that best suit individual requirements. Mattresses, mattresses and accessories can be combined into a number of options corresponding to different functions and styles of equipment. The Wings Bed collection is distinguished by its rich design and impressive aesthetic effect. The upholstered headrest has two slightly oval-shaped side hinged wings that can be closed or opened to create something more or less intimate. The whole is complemented by LED reading lights and side tables with a rounded shape and a leather cover. With the launch of Joyce, designers Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner found the perfect solutions to shape a slim and light bed that could accommodate the tallest mattress from the Wittman catalog, the Sandmann Imperial Pocket.

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