Inspired by Alpes-Inox

The Italian brand Alpes Inox has been producing and selling stainless steel kitchen modules, kitchen appliances and sinks for 50 years. It was 1954 when Nico Moretto, after a period as a designer in the technical department of Smalterie Metallurgiche Venete, decided to set up his own production laboratory. Experimenting with the knowledge and experience gained in metallurgy, the entrepreneur decides over time to produce only stainless steel. In 1964, he introduced built-in household appliances, including metal sinks, cooktops, ovens and hoods. From then on, the history of Alpes Inox is linked to the history of successful brands that have made design history and spread Made in Italy excellence worldwide. Alpes Inox products are not only a guarantee of design quality and high technical standards, but also a unique surface finish. Stainless steel, a non-oxidizing, hygienic and resistant material, is combined with 19/10 chrome-nickel for a unique silver color finish that instantly expresses the brand's distinctive style. The Alpes Inox range follows two precise and complementary paths. On the one hand, household appliances, on the other, kitchen furniture combined into two separate collections. This double soul allows the company to legally compete in the market.

Liberi in Cucina collection by Alpes Inox Launched in 2018, the Liberi in Cucina project includes a series of free-standing stainless steel kitchens that can be arranged as required. These freestanding units have an independent component for each function, from washing to food preparation, cooking, maintenance and storage. As a counterweight to compact units for professional use, such as the C190 freestanding kitchen, there are more traditional and complete models, such as the LC310-1 built-in kitchen, always in stainless steel. The catalog also offers single-function solutions, such as the L190 kitchen block for sinks, equipped with a double bowl of different heights and a compartment for a dishwasher

or a 130 plate as a semi-professional cooking zone with five gas burners, electric grill and two practical drawers. Alpes Inox also offers all-inclusive island kitchen elements that are more in line with the latest trends. An example is the Isola 300 Snack, which has a spacious countertop with a place for snacks, a sink, a waste sorter, an oven, a dishwasher and a folding induction hob

or even the Isola LC 280 Snack, characterized by a stainless steel and wood front , equipped with an induction hob, hidden hood, single sink and dishwasher. As the kitchen changes to become more flexible, the furniture also changes and is subject to new, unexpected dynamics. This is how outdoor kitchens such as the Outdoor 190 and Outdoor 130 were created. Here, the central stainless steel body is positioned next to the burners and grill. There is always a new chance to experiment and let your imagination run wild. This is the case with the Liberi in cucina Column 128 stove and the Liberi in cucina Column 98 stove, a stainless steel design with customizable oak finishes and laminated household appliances and sinks. The symbol of the product in the catalog is certainly a foldable hob. This product, designed by Nico Moretto, allows you to optimize the available space to the maximum while offering everything you need to prepare your meals. The state-of-the-art foldable hob won the ADI Compasso d'Oro award in 1998. An interesting solution is the kitchen hobs, handy and versatile, available in gas, induction, gas and induction versions.

In addition to the range of kitchens and hobs, the catalog is extensive for one or more sinks. Here too, the use of stainless steel proves to be fundamental not only for its resistance and strength, but also for the freedom that allows shapes to be played with. An example is the 19/10 chrome-nickel under-counter washbasin with cast iron grids. As it is a piece of furniture that can cope with any type of preparation, it will easily fit into even the most modern and artistic kitchens. For more traditional design solutions, which are nevertheless very efficient, the catalog offers a range of single-compartment inset sinks, two-compartment inset sinks with a drainer, two-compartment inset sinks with a drawer underneath, for waste sorting. Accessories such as polyethylene cutting boards, stainless steel grids, sink covers, stainless steel knives, stainless steel sinks with perforated bottom, blenders and waste sorters are available on request for all sinks. The Alpes Inox offer includes devices that are perfect for both home and professional kitchens. The hoods, available in the exhaust and air purifying models, offer two types of solutions, neither of which compromises the robustness of stainless steel. Examples of this product are CFE and SEA hoods.

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