Inspired by Olev

The Italian brand OLEV produces interior and exterior designer lamps in LED technology. Created in 2014 by Andrea Lanaro, OLEV was the first to offer a catalog of LED lamps only. Recent scientific research has shown that light has a significant effect on people's mood and vitality. The light that changes depending on the time of day and your preferences can improve your mood and lead to a healthier, happier life. OLEV develops designer devices that make rooms more pleasant and promote well-being, thanks to the company's advanced technologies and cooperation with architects and designers. Thanks to LED technology and professional design, OLEV luminaires offer a number of advantages, including independent light regulation based on the amount of natural light in the room, modulation of light intensity and domotics providing light at any place and time. Integrating the lighting design with the architecture can create a unique aesthetic atmosphere and emotional environment.

OLEV LED lighting for interior and exterior Mercedes indoor luminaires are equipped with downward lighting, ideal for office workplaces. It combines maximum functionality with minimalist lines, making it ideal for furnishing modern, designer workplaces. Mercedes, named after the iconic German car manufacturer, was expressly created by OLEV for the new Mercedes headquarters in the heart of Berlin. Thanks to the microprismatic polycarbonate diffuser, people working at computers gain high visual comfort in full compliance with European standards for workplace lighting. The Green Silence wall or hanging lamp has panels that provide pleasant ambient light combined with innovative acoustic comfort. Green is characterized by natural panels of Scandinavian lichen green - a material that remains cool and soft over time. It is antistatic, does not require water and creates a hostile environment for insects to reproduce. The Eclipse Nuance Silence is a decorative pendant lamp with a sophisticated design. The collaboration between OLEV and the well-known designer Mark Sadler resulted in a unique soundproofing luminaire made of a material never used before in lighting - thin sheet metal with micro-perforation. The lamp is part of the OLEV collection of designer lamps, created to combine the comfort of optimal lighting with acoustic well-being and convenience. Exagon Silence allows you to create hexagonal compositions for diffused up and down lighting. Internally, the lamp has sound-absorbing perforated metal panels with micro-perforation that meet the highest standards for contract and professional spaces. Exagon Silence is designed to furnish and create comfortable spaces at airports, lounges, offices, restaurants and schools.
OLEV interior proposals are always pleasantly surprising. The Antartic table lamp with a modern design has a steel base that houses an LED source and supports a blown glass diffuser with an irregular spherical shape that creates a pleasant and non-invasive play of light. What's more, the pin located in the upper part of the glass allows you to change the position of the ball to direct the light and calibrate its intensity.

Olev lamps: design and technology OLEV solutions have revolutionized the lighting industry thanks to the use of LED technology. The company's unique lamps combine design and wellness technology that enhances the colors and quality of finishes. Zoe is an LED luminaire that can be used individually or in compositions, ideal for creating effective lighting compositions in gardens, parks and terraces. Its aesthetic distinguishing feature is a thin steel bar decorated with a delicate leaf motif, which creates a camouflage effect in the vegetation. The Boom floor lamp has a slim and minimalist line that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. A cylindrical aluminum reflector supported by two carbon rods is attached to a marble base with various holes for adjusting the inclination of the light beam. Available in two versions that exceed two and four meters, the height is the key to this floor lamp, especially suitable for very high rooms. The recessed Mini Dot ceiling spotlight has an elegant support ring. The luminaire provides visual comfort thanks to an anti-glare screen placed inside, allowing the light to diffuse without disturbing the eyes.

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