Inspired by Woow Rugs

WOOW RUGS is a new brand of Inkiostro Bianco, a new experience that moves from vertical wallpaper surfaces to the horizontal dimension: carpet.

WOOW RUGS is a new way of thinking about carpet. It is not just an ordinary rug. It has the properties of a magic carpet: together with it it offers an immersive experience.

It is a complement that through creativity creates connections between the senses in a real kaleidoscope of emotions and which, apart from its technical qualities, aims to bring well-being into people's lives, helping them to capture those nuances that often elude the senses a way to a better life.

WOOW RUGS products are designed to stimulate well-being and good mood. Creativity is a key element of a product, a fundamental trait that defines its strong personality.

WOOW is not an invented name, it is a shout heard by many people. Each time you are impressed by something or someone and you are lacking words to describe an experience you experience with all your senses, it is emphasized according to your level of satisfaction and amazement.

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