Inspired by De Sede

Contemporary refinement and manufacturing expertise guide the activities of de Sede, a Swiss company that sells leather armchairs and sofas. Production that follows the latest trends, without neglecting the attention to detail typical of traditional craftsmanship. From this meeting of the past and present, comfortable and elegant solutions are born, which conquer with their simplicity. The company's primary goal is to create furniture and accessories that will satisfy the customer not only at the time of purchase, but also over the years, furniture that in some cases become true icons of design, such as the DS-600, a modular leather sofa that has been used for over 45 years. years represents the De Sede style in the world and also won a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest sofa configuration in the world!

De Sede: leather furniture since 1965 The history of the company begins in a small workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland . In 1965, the family company adopted the name de Sede and began to achieve its first commercial successes. The offer of hand-made chairs and leather sofas and armchairs is immediately appreciated, and the appearance of more and more elegant models only increases the brand's reputation. Since the 1980s, cooperation with designers from all over Europe, such as Reto Rigg, Santiago Calatrava and Mathias Hoffman, has intensified.
Today, de Sede is a mature entrepreneurial reality that employs over 140 employees and sells furniture in over 40 countries in all over the world, from the United States to Russia, not forgetting Arab markets and emerging countries. The opening of the store in 2018 in the prestigious Harrods stores in London marks the final dedication of a company that, despite its successes, remains firmly attached to its artisanal philosophy.

The de Sede project among sofas, armchairs and furniture de Sede's commercial proposal includes various dimensions of designer furniture: from the sleeping area to the garden, from offices to restaurants and public places. The company's success is evidenced by the numerous recognition that the market has reserved for its products. One of the company's flagship products is the DS-1000 chaise longue, designed by Ulrich Kössel. Its particular tubular structure is surrounded by soft leather cushions. The combination that won the German Design Award in 2019.
And it is the use of leather upholstery that is the common denominator of the de Sede offer. All this can be seen when we consider the proposal dedicated to interior design.
From elegant armchairs with armrests to poufs or sofas. Among the sofas, the DS-840, produced in collaboration with Geckler Michels, has a solid structure supporting upholstered seats. Classic leather upholstery gives the elegance typical of the Swiss company's products. There is no shortage of sleeping options. For example, the DS-1155 offers the comfort of a fully upholstered headrest with leather inserts.
Contract furniture is another area of activity for de Sede. The DS-612 coffee table, designed by Mario Ferrarini, is made of a composite material, and thanks to different colors and heights it is able to adapt to various contexts.
The DS-777 table, by Bruno Fattorini, is geometric and stiff interpretation of the top, enriched with elements of marble powder and fragments of metal. The proposals for the seats are interesting. Among them is the DS-1051 waiting chair, a new version of the DS-51 designed in 1971. A design that is still relevant today thanks to the handcrafted stitching of the seat and backrest, a brilliant example of craftsmanship by Products de Sede.

Chairs, furniture and accessories made to measure: the de Sede philosophy Respect for raw materials is the basis of every de Sede production . The company's leather creations are designed and then handcrafted by experienced craftsmen who continually renew the long tradition of the Swiss brand. All this is the secret of the company's success, which, without forgetting to look at technical innovations, decides to remain true to its roots.
This artisanal dimension permeates not only de Sede chairs and furniture, but also the entire relationship with its customers. A careful repair service stands out in this field, the aim of which is to restore the original beauty of armchairs and sofas. This is because each product tells a story, brings inspiration and suggestions that cannot be replaced. In an age devoted to ever faster and more impersonal consumption, de Sede chooses to go the other way. Product maintenance aimed at extending the service life of the products is accompanied by production to order. Once again, the Swiss company rebels against the logic of mass production by offering a complete service to create personalized sofas, chairs and accessories. In this way, each production becomes truly original and also of excellent quality.

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