Inspired by Cedrimartini

The CedriMartini universe was born from two different experiences, Andrea Martini from art search, with sculpture as a creative expression, Rienzo Cedri from industrial design in jewelry design.
We share a passion for experimentation, organic shapes and complex geometries - nature that has led to contemporary and futuristic products that often resemble the hydrodynamic forms of marine organisms.
Contrary to what happens to industrial products, each of our creations is imagined, designed, manufactured down to the last detail, from us personally, without compromise.
Although we have a large collection of products such as furniture, armchairs, lighting, outdoor equipment, surfaces other than custom-made products, all our items are always handmade, just like sculptures, nothing happens in the industrial process nor automatic, each element is carved or painted one en after the other, which makes each creation absolutely unique.
The effects of this method of work are products refined in every detail that can be adapted in every aspect, from dimensions to endless variants of finishes, thanks to which each of our clients can feel part of a very exclusive world.
To emphasize this, all our products are always marked with our steel logo and personally signed.

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