Inspired by Kreoo

Unique creativity and experimentation in the field of marble processing, Kreoo creates furniture and accessories with a high level of design for architecture, interior and exterior.

The brand was born in 2010 on the basis of 50 years of experience Decormarmi. interpret the unexplored dimension of a marble article through its collections and exalt its sensual and mysterious soul: at Kreoo, marble can be combined with other materials such as wood, glass or metal, creating new shapes and thicknesses, giving new functionalities and opposing our everyday life.

The name Kreoo precisely alludes to the Greek verb kraino, meaning "to create, realize": Kreoo takes the instinct of perfection and harmony from ancient Greece and translates it into contemporary, aesthetic and innovative Italian vocabulary.
Core values of Kreoo

The key values of the brand lie in the quality of the production process, research on the best materials and their processing by Wisela, calibration of industrial processes with craftsmanship, and in the history and creativity of Italian design, whose wide the interdisciplinary approach and perspective allows for the creation of exceptional works.

Particular attention is also paid to a aspects of environmental sustainability, reducing as much material waste as possible during production and reusing where possible in the production chain.

Iconic products and famous designers

Multi-product design on over the years, it was named after the inspiration of the Venetian designer Enzo Berti, a new collaboration with Marco Piva, Sebastiano Zilio, Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti was added. The relationship established with the designers maximizes the expressive possibilities of the material, creating objects with a soul: strong, somewhat "traditional" objects that almost unintentionally lead to improved vision.

The company already offers a wide collection, flexible systems rejected into highly seductive elements that in some cases have become brand icons, such as the Gong washbasin, the Kora bathtub, Pavè Stone armchairs or the Arcaico table.

Kreoo: innovation and internationality

Selection materials is precise, innovative and meticulous: a kind of color palette that favors the nuances of white, gray and black, but also illuminates with flashes of green, blue and red, revealing the unique and refined shades of marble material.

Today Kreoo is distributed internationally, with a very good reach in European, American, Russian and Arab territories, displaying its products in the best salons from San Francisco to Dubai and from Moscow, ie Hong Kong, to Australia.

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