Inspired by Greenapple

A unique project, Made by people. Greenapple designs and manufactures luxury furniture and bespoke projects for exclusive clients in Europe, the USA and Asia. From turnkey interior design projects including delivery and assembly, to customizing luxury furniture designs, we offer a wide range of solutions for every type of space.
At Greenapple, we take everything personally. People are at the beginning, middle and end of the furniture and interiors we design. We are not against mass production, but believe that personal touches are essential in any creation. Coming up with new concepts from scratch is our driving force, and our DNA has unimaginable challenges written on it. For us, a chair is never just a chair, and an interior is much more than just four walls. Both are stories inspired and told by the highest quality materials, meticulous attention to detail and timelessly perfect finishes. In each project, we choose to be personally and face-to-face as we insist on designing, fabricating, producing, packing and delivering our goods personally. Some call it a luxury. Others call it madness. We call it the Greenapple Way.
Our story began in 2005 with Rute Martins and Sérgio Reboli, a few economists with MBA degrees and too many ideas to implement. Gradually, a family of 45 craftsmen and craftsmen began to gather. Today, the savoir-faire of ancient Portuguese craftsmanship always goes hand in hand with a restless tendency to innovate when we undertake each unique project. Thanks to our design and production department in Portugal, we reach customers all over the world in Europe, Asia and North America.
* Our collections
* We present unique collections with various types of products, such as wardrobes, shelves, sideboards. , Consoles, Tables, Sofas, Chairs, Beds, Lamps and Home Accessories.
Customer Product Service
With each product obtained by the customer, we offer you our reliable and competent service that will provide on-site assembly or installation each product.
We do not go the easy way, your dream item starts with you. From the choice of our products to the style of your home, dimensions, materials and fabrics can be personalized, customized and manufactured to your individual specifications or according to your clients' own design.
Shape it, customize it.
Big or small, tailor-made solutions tailored to specific customer needs.
Style, match them to yourself.
Gold or silver, endless combinations to meet all your expectations.
* Personalize, make it yours.
* Make it meaningful and memorable. Give your living space a perfect, unique and personal touch and make it your signature.
Turnkey interior design *
Every project starts with pencil, paper and a relaxing, familiar environment. & Lt ; br / & gt; Our in-house team of architects, designers and craftsmen are dedicated to delivering successful, timely projects and meeting any design or purchasing requirements to the highest quality standards. From planning, design, execution and installation, our clients benefit from a complete, individual interior design that includes a state-of-the-art workshop and unlimited interaction between designers and creators.
Your journey begins here, whether you have a first idea or not or you want to create something really special.

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