Inspired by Cypraea

The island of Mauritius is the 26th smallest country in the world. But perhaps, like diamonds or rare gems, size isn't what makes it spectacular. Surrounded by more than 150 km of white sand beaches, lagoons and the third largest coral reef in the world, it is a lush but fragile little piece of heaven on earth. Like a beautiful shell, it has a rarity and charm that must be cared for and nurtured. From this idea, Cypraea was born. From the desire to connect with nature to reflect the splendor of the island's natural beauty.
Cypraea shells, named after "Coquille Bonheur" or the Cowry Shell of the Cypraeidae family, embody the island's tropical identity the elegance of the natural world. But as a brand, Cypraea understands that it's not just about aesthetics, but about respecting the environment from which we draw our inspiration. In the same way, through innovative and original designs, we create elements that push the boundaries of ordinary furniture, elements that move something more inside. The island's unique and irreplaceable character is reflected in our collections, owning anything from the Cypraea collection is having an exclusive piece of art that evokes timeless beauty - like the rarest treasures found in the ocean.
We combine art, meaning and purpose in our collections and stimulate your senses thanks to evocative materials and exclusive design. From the porosity of lava stone and coral sand to the solidity of wood, the natural materials and textures of our furniture offer more than just furniture: it's an experience. A trip around Mauritius and an escape from the uniformity of everyday life.

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