Inspired by ALU

Hailing from the world of photography, ALU is an Italian company with international experience in the design and development of modular systems for retail.

Our origins date back to 1987, when photographer and entrepreneur Lino Manfrotto noticed New York retailers, who use Autopole for their shop windows and equipment. To clearly distinguish itself from the original photography business, ALU soon opened its first showroom in New York.

In November 2009, the Architecture and Design Committee of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) decided to add Autopole and Super Clamp to its permanent collection.

Since its inception, hundreds of thousands of Autopoles have been produced and sold for the photography, video, cinema and retail industries. Since its launch some 30 years ago, Autopole has been used by brands and retailers all over the world.

“What fascinates me more about this product than its past is the future. Because our Autopole and Super Clamp are like building blocks: they are the basic elements from which you can build photo studios, film and theater sets, shop windows and sets for displaying products. Tomorrow they will enable consumers to create supports and displays in their homes "(2010, A. Manfrotto).

Headquarters in Bassano Del Grappa (IT), ALU strives to exceed customer expectations with our display solutions and Guiding with quality, dedication, fun and passion for our work, we work together to win the hearts and minds of our customers' most valuable consumers. We feel the joy of rediscovering in expressing ourselves, our customers and our future.
true timelessness, because SHOP ALU offers a selected range of modular luminaires with a simple and minimalist design.

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