Inspired by XAM

xam is the new brand of the historic company Classicmobil. In 1964 the brothers Ascanio and Andrea Bernardelli opened the Classicmobil workshop producing brass beds and furniture for the Italian market

in the 1970s, the transformation of a real and proper industry requires a new production pole in 1971. Competitive stylistic research and collaboration with important architects in the sector, such as Architect Meringhi and Architekt Ferrero, and internationalization through annual participation in more than 30 years of major exhibitions such as Salone del Mobile in Milan, High Point USA and Imm in Cologne, builds and strengthens Classmobil's reputation as a high-quality company on a global scale.

Entering a new generation of company with Marco and Anna marks a move towards contemporary design in 2007

xam, begins when Anna decided to create her "perfect bed", which is in a huge contemporary production

Nicht found her deep knowledge in the metal industry, and her experience matured in the design of beds, she created "her" ... which soon became the first element of the xam collection called "one" and thus the birth of xam

starting with a collection in which the bed is contemporary and up-to-date, the collection has grown over the years

xam today uses all the know-how that has been at the forefront for 40 years. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, highly qualified workmanship and equipment, Classicmobil has achieved the goal of achieving excellence in the production of the product, just as it was once known for requiring the nobility of brass. but most of all it reflects its identity, way of being and enhances the architectural space: it must have a soul

creations that, as proposed, do not want to be associated with fashion, temporary fashions are rarely visible

for this reason, the designers cooperating with the company are selected with the utmost care, in accordance with a deep affinity with the formal language of every thought and every piece of creativity achieved within the framework of dedicated designer department.

xam products are distributed in Italy and major European countries, from Germany to the Scandinavian countries, from Austria to Switzerland and the USA

l'export accounts for 60% of turnover company.


xam stands out in the field of design thanks to the use and exploration of basic language, expressed in sober and rigorous lines.

Application of unusual materials and precision give rise to a project full of warmth, necessary in every detail and sophisticated chromatic studies in the creations created.

All xam products, office tables and tables, chairs and armchairs, modules, wardrobes and shelves, beds, bedside armchairs, sofas, pouffes and rugs are the result of a simplification process achieved thanks to the purity of the proposed shapes

searching for materials that seem to have a soul characterizes each element, making it an integral part of the surrounding architecture. < / br>
Furniture with a variety of volume, color and shape gives unlimited possibilities of composition, from the use of hanging elements, such as vertical and horizontal system modules, to a cabinet on the wall or in the middle of the room, because each element of the xam collection has a special character, to be experienced and perceived as a whole. The formal language developed during product manufacturing and design pays particular attention to the high quality of each component made, as it must age and retain its value over a long period of time.

Improvement of the technique and greater functional testing are the result of careful attention and experience gained over the years to achieve the desired result.

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