Inspired by Xilolab

Xilolab is a creative workshop where wood is the main character: a company born with a union of different experiences and common interest, interior design. The heart and founders of the company are a photographer naturalist who has been made of high-profile carpentry by profession and a manager with many years of experience in the industrial field. The fusion of two specialists will ensure competence in construction, creativity in design and particular emphasis on sustainable development and environmental protection. The team relies on the support of designers, graphic designers and interior design specialists. Associates whose input guarantees originality and innovation

Xilolab for environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business choices.We design and build our products without forgetting our children's future, delivering quality to the present and what a treasure of past experiences. We value the beauty of wood, emphasizing its possibilities. For example, we don't treat some woods such as cedar (Cedar sp.) Or pine (Pinus cembra) to enjoy their fragrance and warmth, natural surface and their beneficial properties. When we take advantage of the finishing treatments, we use high-quality natural based substances to ensure low or neutral environmental impact and minimal emission of harmful substances, both in the manufactuing and in the final stages of disposal. So as to protect the health of consumers and ours as well! Production is strictly craftsmanship: We leave employees the pleasure of craftsmanship and quality in production, with full respect for workers' rights and paying attention to safety. Xilolab products are made only from certified European, FSC or PEFC wood, respecting the environment and economic and social conditions at the place of storage.

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