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With a decade of history and roots embedded in the most authentic Venetian glass tradition, SYLCOM interprets contemporary tastes and predicts the future with a global language that - through the radiation of light - defines its values in terms of knowledge, innovation and passion for beauty. Light is therefore conceived as an energy that illuminates all types of interior through creative dynamics, giving rise to highly artistic lighting fixtures that enhance glass quality, transparency, colors and shapes. At SYLCOM, skillful craftsmanship is combined with refined design, tradition and technology, becoming part of the age-old process or miracle of glass making, which is supposed to be an alchemical combination of natural elements. Experienced craftsmen transform fire, sand, pigments and water into flexible matter that enables them to model creative shapes that evoke the contours of a Venetian lagoon. Venice, a dream city but a lively city, is still an inexhaustible source of inspiration in all areas of art for contemporary artists as well as for those of the past.
The graceful contours of the SYLCOM collection are reflected in works of art from churches and palaces, such as muntin windows, sculptures, stucco and profiled cornices.
Sylcom, in the light The essence of glass itself, exquisitely processed by experts, tells the story of a city suspended between water and light. The collections are named after the Doges, telling new stories and describing eternal emotions. The color palette draws from the inner nature of the city: pinkish cocciopesto red, water green, blue frescoed sky, yellow golden mosaics, sands and sunsets. The rules of glass processing have been preserved to this day and are equipped with LED technology, which gives the chandeliers authenticity and efficiency, both in the re-offer of the classics and in the proposals of modern designers. Chandeliers that seem to be carved by light that materializes to decorate today's spaces with the elegance and class with which they illuminated the halls of the ancient Serenissima palaces. SYLCOM has realized itself through clothing that strengthens its DNA and confirms its leadership role in the decorative lighting sector, supporting lighting designers with custom products and a large collection of small or large masterpieces.
Planning and development SYLCOM's technical and production departments guarantee management through all phases of creation in order to convey a valuable tradition, propose new design-oriented products, support designers 'ideas or make customers' dreams come true. The production of Venetian classics derives from a delicate process that begins with consulting the historical archives of the Murano glass tradition, through the redesign of all technical and artistic components, to craftsmanship, assembly, quality control and certification. & Lt; br / & gt; Contemporary collections benefit from the input of domestic and foreign designers, who are appointed to propose innovative objects , so as to recall or interpret the stylistic features of tradition through formal references or processing methods. Sylcom's design and production departments also aim to dedicate themselves to the service of each individual designer and customer to enable the adaptation of products from the catalog or the implementation of new ideas through careful selection of materials and finishes, making the end result unique and unrepeatable.
Lamps The company has entered the path of renewal and renewal of the SYLCOM brand, acting in all aspects of the company: from the product, through the graphic design, to the renewal and development of the commercial network.
Each SYLCOM collection is primarily knowledgeable people who contribute to create items. The commercialization of feeling lamps is about creating products with a soul, character, personal or basic resemblance to those who invent them, those who make them,
those who use them. The human component is to constitute a significant value at every stage of the supply chain, from its beginning to its destination, perceptible but invisible.
Great or small masterpieces Sylcom's special passion for beauty, aimed at active respect for tradition and the desire to follow contemporaries trends, it allows you to offer both classic products equipped with the latest technologies, as well as innovative collections recalling the past.
The catalog offers lighting fixtures suitable for every purpose: chandeliers , pendants, table lamps, standing lamps and wall lamps. Several dimensional and functional variants are combined with a wide range of colors, finishes and metallic details for versatility and adaptability. Each product represents a small or large masterpiece of glass art that can be purchased individually or as part of lighting projects, and is appreciated for its performance, functionality and adherence to classic or trend aesthetic design. & Lt; br / & gt; Sylcom: forever Every step of SYLCOM's production is based on the value of know-how, conceived as a set of human activities in accordance with a common motto: beauty illuminates everyday life. Each element of the collection is made individually and is the result of a deep knowledge of the Venetian glass-making tradition. Sylcom's mission is to revive the archetypes of a rich legendary past: artistic objects recreating the shapes and elements of historic chandeliers, reinterpreting them through the signs and colors of the present, or redesigning them into contemporary collections that are capable of evoking the eternal charm of works of art. A journey through time and artistic lighting, which, starting from the halls of ancient Venetian palaces, aims to illuminate the spaces of today and tomorrow.
Authenticity at every stage The company carries an original genetic code that allows both the faithful reproduction of the classic and the creation of new collections corresponding to the stylistic and functional needs of contemporary spaces. The production does not follow industrial logic, but tries to keep high-quality craftsmanship alive by offering customers a collection of exclusive chandeliers, consisting of small or large pieces, each of which represents a unique piece of work, authentically handcrafted. Archive of shapes, sizes, color combinations, metal finishes, which includes over 5,180 items making up the collection catalog or allowing to meet the unlimited needs of the custom sector. All raw materials come from Italian territory and the entire production process, from sands to packaging, takes place in the company, which is seen as an extension of the art workshop: a place where great importance is attached to a single detail and where each product is intended to be put on the market as a single element, equipped with a progressive number and properly initialed and certified.

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