Inspired by Patrizia Garganti

Out of the passion of 2 Florentines, a laboratory was born over 40 years ago that started a great success story: BA.GA, today Patrizia Garganti.
In 1976 the laboratory gave life to lamps with a unique design, completely conceived and collected by wise hands of Patrizia Garganti and her associates. The beauty and high quality of the products made the brand reach the most luxurious and exclusive places in the world. In a short time, the laboratory transformed into a more structured company that is able to engage more and more people to manage projects on a global scale. Today's company name comes from Patrizia Garganti, the main designer and owner who has given a new and innovative impetus to production in recent years, with collections with a contemporary look, designed in collaboration with world-renowned designers such as Roberto Lazzeroni. The traditional ones are joined by new lines: a wide range of lighting solutions that can be adapted and changed in every detail.
Patrizia Garganti puts the customer at the center of her work; that is why we follow each project from the very first sketches together with the client, creating perfectly matched solutions, even outside the proposed collections. At 3,500 square meters in Florentine headquarters, the company's design studio works with clients and industry professionals to meet all needs, from the smallest, such as on yachts, where every millimeter counts, to the most magnificent. The customer care does not stop with the delivery of the product, but even after the sale, Patrizia Garganti makes her team available to guarantee perfection to all her customers.
The Patrizia Garganti team is a large family where the exchange of ideas and training are ongoing. Every person working in the company is of fundamental importance: with his passion and talent, he enables the construction of unique and high-quality items. The 40 employees of Patrizia Garganti carefully and precisely design, examine and process raw materials, it is not only a job, but a vocation: tailor-made projects, hand-sewn lampshades, blown glass details, carefully machined metal parts, skilful electrification and meticulous packaging.
Thanks to this, the company managed to achieve a level of craftsmanship comparable to the largest high fashion brands. The constant search for new techniques, the use of the best materials and manual processing, without industrial processes, give each product a unique soul and beauty, without neglecting quality.

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