Inspired by Domal

The combination of the nouns domus and alluminio is the name of the Domal brand, an Italian company specializing in the production of aluminum systems for construction. Its mission has always been to promote aluminum windows and doors and to achieve excellence through innovation and quality. Domal produces products with high parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation, strength and durability. For Domal, doors and windows are real works of art that characterize the aesthetics of building facades and become elements of interior design. Domal has created a network of highly qualified, partner window and door manufacturers, characterized by the Maestri Serramentisti brand, to guarantee first-class consulting, design and installation services. With the #serramentismo concept, the masters of aluminum, as they like to call themselves, propose to spread the avant-garde, minimalist design of aluminum windows and doors. Since 2017, Domal has been part of the Hydro Building Systems Group, a Norwegian international concern and a world leader in the aluminum sector.

Domal windows and doors, all the advantages of aluminum Aluminum is a material that has many advantages and has properties that make it ideal in construction. Aluminum is the most sustainable material as it can be recycled almost endlessly. It is fireproof, resilient, durable, easy to maintain and has excellent soundproofing properties. In addition, Domal aluminum windows provide optimal thermal insulation thanks to the combination of different glass thicknesses and thermal break technology. Aluminum allows for the production of windows and doors with a thin profile, increasing the glass surface, and thus the brightness of the rooms.

Windows from the classic Alchimia line, thanks to the construction of the sashes, allow a large variety of patterns that can be modified depending on the style of the building: soft, rounded or slanted lines for houses in a traditional or rustic style, or square, raw and minimalist lines of buildings with a modern style. It is a system for lifting and sliding balcony doors, which allows you to open large dimensions thanks to special trolleys and servo-assisted lifting mechanisms, capable of lifting 400 kg per leaf.

The Aliante line is characterized by a minimalist design and reduced thickness of profiles, which bring lightness and brightness to the environment. The AS TB65 model has a particularly low profile thanks to the hidden sash, a system that allows the sash to be hidden behind a fixed outer frame. Moreover, it is the most suitable window for renovation as it can be mounted directly on the existing frame.

The Alpina line is a mixed frame that combines aluminum on the outside and wood on the inside. The TOP TB65 wooden window guarantees maximum technical parameters and offers a wide selection of finishes, both for external and internal wood. Domal windows can be selected with revolving doors, vasistas, sliding doors in countless configurations . Domal shutters meet all aesthetic requirements and adapt to regional regulations depending on the urban context. You can choose from different types of dimming, from full dimming with blinds to partial dimming with fixed or adjustable lamellas. Solar shutters from the Alba line, which have the RC1 anti-burglary certificate, are characterized not only by high resistance to weather conditions and effective acoustic and thermal insulation, but also by an amazing selection of surfaces and a variety of shapes. The Alba line also includes an adjustable Rollteck roller blind, equipped with adjustable slats and manual or motorized movement. Conceived as an extension of the interior, Domal Veranda contributes to a comfortable environment thanks to windows and doors with a thermal break, electrical installation, integrated ventilation system and the possibility of installing roller shutters or other sun protection. Configurations include various types of flaps and pavilions, with or without opening covers. Pergolas from the Altrove line are characterized by an elegant design that matches any type of structure and style. The slats allow you to control the shading with a remote control, determine the area thanks to automatic closing sensors in the rain or open the slats as wide as possible when it is windy.

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