Inspired by Lithologie

Inspired by nature and its beauty, we want to enrich our territory. With a passion for rocks, we can tell a part of our shared history thanks to the fruits of our research.

We work with the utmost respect for our environment and do everything by hand. (Yes, yes, we can even extract the stone from the side of the mountain ourselves, without any heavy equipment). To create synergy, we have decided to work only with local products and manufacturers.

We wish you could discover what our geological heritage has to offer in a more remarkable and wonderful way by designing small stone objects.

Interestingly and unbelievably, the meeting of Stéphane and Kim is, like the project, a mixture of modernity and tradition. After a few Facebook posts, a Rock envelope mailed out, and a lot of testing, our whiskey cubes were born. Putting all our soul into this tasteless story, we want to offer products that are good, durable and beautiful to be there! Deeply human, we decided to take our time to expose our stones. In our approach, it is important to create together with our customers and partners. It will take almost a year and a half, but we are proud to present you Lithology. She wore stones as keepsakes everywhere and even bought magazines about stones from Quebec. As a born entrepreneur, she is an optimist and a daredevil whose persistence requires perseverance in order for this fascinating project to get off the ground.

STEFAN IST A northern man, raised in nature and working with his own hands, with strong beliefs and deeply rooted respect for the earth, retains the scientific rigor behind lithology.

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