Inspired by Sichenia

Established in the early 1970s, Sichenia continued to develop as a manufacturer of porcelain stoneware flooring and wall coverings, strengthening its role in the ceramics industry as a full-service company. Sichenia, through a program of investments in advanced technologies, was constantly expanding its product lines consisting of external and internal stoneware floors and individual fire-resistant coatings. The organization of production, inspired by maximum efficiency and achieved through the extensive use of automation and continuous improvement in the pursuit of quality, combined with avant-garde aesthetic criteria, are the main factors that made Sichenia products successful both in Italy and abroad.

Made in Italy by Sichenia Quality, reliability, innovation and professionalism are the guidelines that will influence their projects and determine the company's future choices. Made in Italy is not only an indication of origin, but also an excellent synthesis of values that are part of a population that has always been exposed to the beauty of its land and naturally gifted. Hence the creativity, passion and love for life. Made in Italy means creating an industry by continuously investing in research, development and creativity, in accordance with the laws and regulations relating to the protection of the environment and the health of citizens and workers. The Made in Italy product is the result of a selection of original designs and high-quality raw materials, which are part of efficient and technologically advanced production processes. Made in Italy excellence comes from the trust and mutual respect between the company and its associates involved in the production processes, knowing that every product they manufacture is made by other people who love to surround themselves like them with beauty and quality.
The production process in Sichenia Sichenia is an extremely high-quality ceramic product. It is a "flesh-colored" porcelain stoneware, obtained in an ultra-modern production process, meticulously controlled at every stage

starting from wet grinding of raw materials, properly dosed, in large mills, where the particular delicacy of the obtained "slip" (perfectly homogeneous aqueous suspension) is the result of a rigorous selection of raw materials and a long grinding time (11 hours). In this phase, and as a result of the reduced size of the particles obtained, better chemical-physical properties are determined. Features that make Sichenia products solid and versatile. Extremely fine powders with controlled moisture and shape, obtained by the "atomization" process, are injected with colored ceramic pigments just before drying. Large, electronically controlled hydraulic presses, capable of achieving enormous contact forces (over 400 kg / cm2), then shape the mixed color mixes, which are mixed to recreate, both on the surface and in depth, the color variations typical of natural products. The green tiles are then fired in "rapid furnaces" at 1230ºC, where the "vitrification" process takes place. This process is the source of their incredible compactness and resistance.

Caring for the environment in Sichenia Caring for the environment and respecting pro-ecological concepts has always been highly appreciated in Sichenia. The company has always stood out for being ahead of its time and showing sensitivity to environmental policy since the 1970s. In addition, Sichenia was one of the first companies to introduce smoke filter systems in their production facilities. It should be emphasized that the air filters used to reduce air pollution to a minimum, both inside and outside the factory, use "calcium hydrate", which in turn is reused in the production process.

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