Inspired by Royal Botania

Founded in the early 1990s by engineers Kris Van Puyvelde and Frank Boschman, Royal Botania is a Belgian design company specializing in the production of elegant, sustainable garden furniture. The key to the company's success was the intuition of the founders that garden furniture should be made of teak. They believed that the prevailing colonial style should be abandoned in favor of a more modern aesthetic. This idea resulted in a collection of tables, chairs, sun loungers, umbrellas and outdoor lamps designed by engineers and international designers themselves. In 2011, Royal Botania founded the Green Forest Plantation Co. with over 250,000 teak trees covering an area of approximately 200 hectares to create a sustainable business model based on regenerative forest growth. The furniture is manufactured in Thailand in a factory on the outskirts of Bangkok built in 2002, which currently employs over 400 people.

Outdoor design by Royal Botania Royal Botania garden furniture has three main goals: aesthetics, ergonomics and engineering . These factors have earned the company international recognition and numerous design awards. Among the most famous collections that showcase the Royal Botania's mastery of teak woodworking are: NewEngland, a collection of chairs, tables and footrests faithful to the traditional roots of this American classic; Calypso, a family of outdoor furniture that started with a small armchair and soon expanded to a complete line that included bar stools, reclining chairs, two or three seater benches, sofas, small sofas and chaise lounges, all with a teak base with a steel back. stainless steel with covers made of upholstered fabric or Kriss Kross weave made of synthetic fibers in three different shades.
Teak is not the only material that Royal Botania researches. The Conix outdoor table collection explores the expressive potential of concrete with carved, conical bases reinforced with Ductal® fibers, such as round or elliptical table tops. Metal is the protagonist of the Strappy collection, a family of stackable chairs with a minimalist stainless steel structure, characterized by wide aluminum stripes covered with fabric or imitation leather. Exes owes its name to the base of chairs and tables in the shape of the letter "X". Upholstered comfort is at the heart of the Organix collection of sofas and outdoor islands with curved shapes that blur the line between interior and exterior, creating true outdoor lounges that can be arranged in almost endless configurations. Among the most awarded projects by Royal Botania is the Palma umbrella, presented at the Milan furniture fair in 2017 after years of research by Kris Van Puyvelde. The entire mechanism hidden in an organic shape with no visible screws or mechanical parts won the Best of the Best award by the Red Dot Design Awards. The Palm's evolution led to the creation of Bloom, repeating the basic appearance of the original in the organic form of a flowering flower, but replacing the pneumatic system with a crank actuated spindle to accommodate larger dimensions.

Royal Botania lamps for outdoor nightlife If gardens, terraces , terraces and pools are a living space, Royal Botania imagined living even in the dark. The collection of outdoor lighting fixtures - wall lamps, standing and table lamps, lighting poles - are characterized by durable materials and elegant forms designed to create suggestive moods. Here again teak is the star. In this case, wood is accompanied by metals and ropes (as in the Ropa solar lamp) charged with a vintage atmosphere thanks to the use of light bulbs - as in the Tristar collection of floor lamps designed by Christophe Vyvey or the Cloche wall lamp.

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