Inspired by Citterio

Established in the early 1960s in the province of Lecco, Citterio quickly became a leader in the office furniture sector thanks to its dynamism, continuous research and development and the ability to face new challenges. The brand is characterized by reliability and attention to detail, commitment to research and the latest technologies, combined with industrial flexibility and masterful woodworking. The company's products and services are characterized by design, functionality and excellent materials that are friendly to the environment and the environment, which represent high quality. Citterio solutions adapt to new working conditions, in which comfort meets practical and aesthetic needs. For decades, Citterio has transformed noble materials such as wood, glass and aluminum into essential and elegant products suitable for familiar and comfortable workplaces. The brand has taken up the challenge of making the workplace as pleasant as at home to encourage dialogue, the exchange of ideas, creativity and productivity of opaque and glass partitions, cabinets, management and service systems, and office accessories. Each product is designed to meet the needs of customers thanks to unique and customized solutions. Citterio furniture offers space for office furniture such as desks, cabinets, bookcases, conference tables and reception desks. These include tabletops and a low, open Inlay bookcase made of solid wood, which are the perfect combination of a modern workplace with formal rigor and the reduction of unnecessary. The ADD extruded aluminum conference table is a design icon where color is the star of any surface. The Citterio Point collection is characterized by trestle legs made of extruded aluminum triangular profiles. The shape, geometries and materials provide excellent robustness, making the product ideal for executive offices and workspaces. The collection includes a number of items, including a multi-function station with dividers, an aluminum desk with integrated shelves, and a round aluminum conference table. This modular system, consisting of construction beams and trestles, allows the use of panels of various sizes, capable of creating multiple compositions from a single desk to a series of linear workstations. These solutions include a section of the reception desk and multiple workstations with built-in shelves or dividers. Projects and Products. Continuous research is conducted in synergy with renowned international offices and designers to develop a new generation of unique products. Wood-Wall is an office wall in which wood becomes not only a construction material, but the basic element that distinguishes the equipment. It symbolizes a new way of designing workplaces by improving the quality of materials and their essential properties. W-SS is a range of self-supporting acoustic cabins with a wooden structure, which are perfect for open space offices, where private and comfortable spaces are needed for individual work and meetings in small groups.

C-SS System offers an acoustic office island for meetings and an acoustic telephone booth, the distinct function of which is to preserve the privacy of users and the comfort of people occupying the rest of the space, using modern materials with excellent sound absorption properties. Phonewalk is a self-supporting acoustic corridor designed on the basis of observation of people walking during a telephone conversation.


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