Ordering rules in inspirowane.eu store

1. Product selection.

  •     If you are interested in a product, add it to the basket by clicking "Add to basket".
  • If you want to continue shopping, just click "Continue shopping", if you already have all the selected products click "Go to finalize the order in the basket" or click the basket icon in the upper right corner.

2. The basket.

  •     You will see a summary of purchases in the basket (what products and what quantities have you added).
  •     If you want to change the quantity of a given product, use the arrows (up - plus, down - minus) in the "Quantity" column. The quantity of the product will be updated automatically. If you want to remove a product from the basket, click "x".
  • If you want to add a product, click "Continue shopping".
  •     If you want to go to the order, press "Go to order processing".

3. Placing an order.

  • If you already have an account in our store, log in with your email and password.
  •     If you do not have an account, select the "Create account" option to register or enter your details in the "Quick shopping" point, and you will shop as a guest.
  •     You will be asked to provide shipping details (invoices), as well as selecting the delivery option and payment method.

Remember that only registered customers have the ability to view the status of their orders and purchase history and do not have to re-enter data for subsequent purchases.

  •     To confirm your order, click "Confirm Order".
  •     Remember that before confirming the order you must accept the Regulations of the Inspirowane.eu store
  •     You will then receive an email confirming the order and its number.

4. Order confirmation by email.

  •     Open the email in your mailbox. If you have an additional question related to the order, please contact us.
  •     If you chose the traditional bank transfer payment, make the payment to start the order. Data will be sent in an order confirmation email. Don't forget to enter the order number in the transfer title.
  •     We will inform you by e-mail about further changes in the status of your order.