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Visionnaire is an Italian brand of luxury accessories created in 2005 by Ipe (short for Imbottiture Prodotti Espansi), founded by brothers Pompeo and Vittorio Cavalli in 1959 in the town of Zola Predosa on the outskirts of Bologna. In the beginning, the brand specialized in the production of upholstered car seats for Lancia thanks to its revolutionary polyurethane molding technology. The descendants of Vittorio Cavalli - Luigi and his son and grandchildren Leopold Eleonore - created the Visionnaire brand. It includes a catalog of over two thousand top-of-the-line items sold in over fifty countries - in thirty single-brand and chain stores and many brand-name stores. In addition to indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting and carpets, Visionnaire offers an art collection and comprehensive design services for private residences to personalize luxury homes and make them unique.

meta- luxuryVisionnaire Visionnaire's furniture is created with the surprising goal, thanks to a well-established pattern that combines excellent craftsmanship, precious materials and unexpected forms. An essential part of the brand's philosophy is the concept of "meta-luxury", an expression of exclusivity and the core values of the company - respect for the landscape, increasing resources, selecting traceable materials and working with vigilant ethics that protects even the smallest craftsmen who work with the company. These values are summarized in the Visionnaire Decalogue of Ten Words depicting the virtues at the heart of every project choice and entrepreneurial activity: Culture, Nature, Design, Object, Experience, Cross-Pollination, Uniqueness, Ingenuity, Luxury and Vision. Visionnaire's concept of meta-luxury applies to all living quarters, including the outdoor sector, which the company has researched since 2012 applications by Alessandro La Spada and Giuseppe Vigano. The brand offers furniture that embody contemporary aesthetics with a commitment to quality and experimentation, techniques passed down from generation to generation and the involvement of the environment. The latest exterior releases of the Visionnaire include the following: the Stankar line, low table, couch, armchair and rocking chair designed by La Conca and characterized by a rope structure in natural hemp and lurex thread returns, a clear reference to the classic "espadrilles"; Farnese, a natural rattan sun chair with leather and wicker bindings, designed by Samuele Mazza; indoor, outdoor chair, Aminta Giuseppe Vigano, with tubular steel structure and removable cover attached to the padded backrest.

Beauty according to VisionnaireVisionnaire believes that beauty is a value every day, drawing inspiration from the concept of Art Design. The aptly named Beauty collection includes over sixty products, created from international designers such as Draga and Aurel, the authors of the Lego table and the console table, which combines shiny gold metal and matte black cement. The duo also designed the Amos table, in which two mastic sand metal bracelets embrace the cement base. Alessandro La Spada designed Douglas a lively room program, characterized by the curved metal base profiles, which in the sofa perfectly subtract upholstery parts of the armrest and the arcade table, characterized by carvings of stone form upstairs Support. Mauro Lipparini designed elements for the hall, living room, dining room and bedroom, resulting from a creative journey through sub-Saharan Africa. Marco Piva authored the Admeto coffee table, a combination of materials integrated within an almost archetypal architectural composition that is both modern and functional. The symbolic combination of art and design leading the production of Visionnaire is the Il Pavone Marc Ange collection (winner of the 2020 Design Awards). Following its presentation at Art Basel Miami in its "haute couture" throne and "prêt-à-porter" armchair version, the collection entered the production of exclusive fabrics in six color variations. The Visionnaire furniture that has won awards over the years is the Kobol washbasin console (2018) designed by Alessandro La Spada from such heterogeneous materials as wood, marble and steel alternating in a light composition with retro and fauna references (2019), limited edition glass a vase by Piotr Salmistraro.

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