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Vantot is an innovative lighting company that strives to deliver the highest quality products while providing impeccable customer service. The company provides a variety of lighting solutions and is committed to helping customers find the most effective and attractive way to light their spaces.

With an extensive product portfolio and exceptional attention to detail, Vantot is the ideal partner for any project or commercial space. The lighting company offers a range of fixtures and mounts, including decorative pendants, track and recessed lighting, and custom installations.

Vantot's products are designed with a modern aesthetic in mind and feature a variety of finishes, colors and materials that can complement any room or outdoor space. The company's versatile designs can provide both subtle and strident lighting solutions for any project. With an emphasis on energy efficiency, Vantot fixtures use energy-efficient LED lighting technology.

Vantot distinguishes itself from other lighting companies through the exceptional customer service provided to each of its clients. At Vantot, customer satisfaction is always a top priority, from the initial consultation to the finished project. The company's team of lighting experts provides expertise, innovation and reliable advice every step of the way.

Vantot is consistently recognized for its commitment to quality. Meticulous selection of materials and attention to detail have resulted in numerous awards, including the prestigious Lighting Industry Association Standards Award. In addition, the company has been recognized by the U.K. Design Council for its sustainable design initiatives.

Vantot's commitment to the environment goes hand in hand with a desire to create a lighting solution that is both stylish and efficient. The company develops non-toxic, recyclable materials and processes that reduce energy consumption and minimize waste.

Vantot is a company unlike any other in the lighting industry. Combining careful craftsmanship and advanced technology, this cutting-edge lighting company can provide a beautiful, energy-efficient solution for any lighting project. With attentive customer service, environmental responsibility and exceptional attention to detail, Vantot is the lighting company for all lighting needs.


How much is Vantot Limpid

Products inspired by the Vantot Limpid collection cost an average of 2546 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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