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The Kartell Prince AHA collection is a modern and stylish line of furniture designed by Italian designer Vico Magistretti. The collection features an impressively modern and elegant design, bringing a modern aesthetic to any room. The collection's pieces are colorful, adding vibrant hues to interiors and offering great versatility in decorating.

The pieces in the Kartell Prince AHA collection feature a unique form, taking on a circular silhouette with geometric patterns. The curves of the furniture create a sense of movement, attracting attention and captivating viewers. In addition, the collection uses different materials, such as plastic, metal and even stone, creating a unique identity for different living spaces.

The collection includes various pieces such as chairs, armchairs, ottomans and tables. Chairs with swivel bases and open backs are seductive, while armchairs are soft and comfortable, making them ideal for relaxing. The ottomans can be used on their own as seating or in combination with chairs and armchairs, while the tables are suitable for tabletops, dining areas and even as side tables.

The Kartell Prince AHA collection works well in modern interiors, fitting perfectly into contemporary and stylish environments. From the living room, dining room, and even to the office space, the furniture provides an attractive look and great versatility. Thanks to an interesting color palette, they can be combined with various other design elements, achieving unique design effects.

Overall, the Kartell Prince AHA collection features an ultra-modern design, made of high-quality materials that bring lasting appeal to the décor. The pieces offer unique aesthetic appeal combined with convenience, making them stand out among other furniture collections.


How much is Kartell Prince AHA

Products inspired by the Kartell Prince AHA collection cost an average of 275 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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