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IMAGILIGHTS® is a Belgian company that develops, manufactures and distributes a range of rechargeable wireless lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and swimming pool use. We currently export to almost 100 countries around the world and are constantly expanding our markets. We offer the best LED technology, making IMAGILIGHTS® the most sustainable alternative to traditional lighting systems.

IMAGILIGHTS®, specially made to survive the harsh conditions our articles require to withstand and endure in terms of quality and endurance skills in the hospitality industry - Horeca segment.

IMAGILIGHTS® - company history
The idea of the IMAGILIGHTS® brand was created in September 2009 after designing wireless lighting with important functions such as unlimited colors, resistance shockproof, waterproof, heat and cold resistance, and high and low humidity resistance. Combining these features into one article was a difficult but demanding task for our engineering team. The decision was made to use an innovative charging method, which is wireless induction.

Our engineers and programmers managed to produce a fully finished, highly tested commercial article, which was then baptized as IMAGILIGHTS®: connection from the French " imaginer "and Latin" imaginari ". In August 2011, we started exporting our first lamps to the public. Today, we have over 150 molds, which we export to almost 100 countries around the world. Two years later, a new showroom was inaugurated with our new distribution center that can accommodate and handle over 900 Euro-pallets.

In 2015, a brand new collection called DOBIE® was launched. The collection is made of injection molded PPMA and PC, creating a fully transparent collection of sandblasted table lamps. The decision to work with new materials brought many unexpected challenges. The production process was difficult and took longer than expected. The wonderful collection is a combination of cleanliness and handicraft.

In early 2016, we launched our third collection of table models, a handmade table lighting collection called MOMENTS® . Made of anodized brushed aluminum, this collection is considered our top product, AAA products for our most demanding high-end customer base.

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