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Rolf and Mette Hay envisioned HAY in 2002. Thanks to its original collections of furniture and accessories for home and contract use, the Danish brand quickly became an international leader in new Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design inspires HAY's penchant for clean lines, simple geometric shapes and high-quality materials such as wood, metal and textiles. The company reinterprets the tradition, calling on international designers to work with them and developing new technologies and materials to guarantee innovative and surprising results. Passion is the driving force behind the brand - together with its recognized creators and well-known collaborators - in the search for original solutions using advanced materials, methods, tools and technologies.

HAY'S Nordic designHAY products - chairs, tables, sofas, shelves, lamps, carpets - all of these are of the highest quality and intended for a wide audience. Carefully designed for everyday use and built to have as little impact as possible on our planet, HAY's designs are modern and trendy, yet simple and essential. They can be used in modern or eclectic spaces adapting to different lifestyles and aesthetics.
Durable HAY products quickly become part of human life as objects of affection and everyday use. They are minimalist but have a great character thanks to the intelligent use of color, making every piece of furniture, every accessory and all home textiles attractive and expressive, adding value to the lives of their owners.
HAY's basic principles translate into form and color inspired by the perfect balance of art, architecture and fashion. HAY infuses every project with a generous dose of artistic creativity, inspiration and concept. Architecture offers the brand more direct and unambiguous indications of the physical contexts in which its furniture and accessories will be used. Fashion provides dynamic proposals that perfectly meet modern needs and tastes. For HAY, form and function complement each other, making each product beautiful and fashionable, but also simple to use and convenient.

HAY: Scandinavian style for home and office HAY products for home, office or contract use - similarly to hotels and restaurants - they are based on direct observation of modern life, in which personal and professional spaces often permeate. People are at the center of designing Hay furniture and items that are suitable for many uses and everyday situations.
New Order's latest collection, designed by Stefan Diez, is a versatile series of modular furniture, tables and shelves for the kitchen, living room or study - in a private or public context.
The About A Hee Welling collection started with a chair and clearly shows how a great idea can be flexibly adapted to small home spaces, large conference rooms, bars or restaurants. The modularity of the collection and the easy way to connect seats and legs make the company's strong commitment to sustainability tangible by optimizing production without sacrificing the possibility of endless combinations.
The iconic Mags sofa is now a HAY classic. The modular sofa provides many different configurations that customers can modify and implement over time based on the new needs and changing demands of their home and work life.
The symbolic Kaleido trays - designed by Clara von Zweigbergk - are further examples of HAY versatility. The designer's origin as a graphic artist inspired the creation of striking objects that combine geometric shapes, contrasting colors and great attention to detail. Kaleido can be used in many different ways - as a compartment for the contents of pockets and jewelry, or as a base for displaying small decorative items.
The Bonbon Shade shades were created by the designer Ana Kraš. By combining brightly colored or same color yarns hand-woven around a painted steel frame, customers can create unique and original items.

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