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Fabio Novembre furniture company is a Italian based furniture brand founded by Fabio Novembre in 2001. The company's primary product line is contemporary, high-end furniture that intertwines luxurious materials with unique designs. The company's innovative pieces have been featured in many design magazines, such as Casa Vogue and Wallpaper, establishing Fabio Novembre as one of the leading Italian contemporary furniture brands.

The company's furniture is designed to be elegant yet functional, embodying comfort and style while crafted with precise attention to detail. Fabio Novembre's collection features pieces of furniture such as chairs, sofas, tables, beds, cabinets, and storage units. The pieces have a clean, minimalistic style and feature simpler designs.

The materials used to build Fabio Novembre's furniture are amongst the finest in the market. The company uses a variety of high-end leathers, velvets, metals, and other fabrics to create pieces. This allows the furniture to maintain its luxurious look and feel, while also having the durability to endure for years.

Fabio Novembre's commitment to quality is evident in all their products and processes. The company has a system of rigorous testing and quality control that every piece of furniture goes through. This includes both physical and chemical tests of all materials used.

The company has its own in-house team of artisans who craft the furniture. This team is highly skilled and experienced in the furniture trade and is updated with the latest technological developments in the market. This ensures the highest standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail in each piece of furniture they produce.

The company offers customization services to their customers. This allows them to create furniture that is tailor-made to their customers' specifications. thereby ensuring that each piece of furniture is made to the customer's exact requirements and design choices.

The furniture can also be purchased online, providing customers with a convenient way of shopping, without having to worry about delivery and installation. Lastly, the company also provides excellent customer service, with a team of specialists on hand to answer any queries and guide customers in every aspect of their purchase.

Fabio Novembre furniture company's products image style and sophistication, making them a desirable choice for any luxury home. Their commitment to quality and service ensure that customers can enjoy the highest standard of luxury and craftsmanship when purchasing from the company.

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