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Lighting company Christopher Boots is a high-end lighting store located in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2010 by industrial designer Christopher Boots, the company's mission is to provide designer lighting solutions with a focus on quality, sustainability and innovation. The company is known for its vibrant, luxurious and modern designs that not only provide lighting, but also create an inviting atmosphere and can even act as a piece of art. They provide lighting solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, with each design tailored to the client's specific needs and style.

Christopher Boots uses a variety of natural materials such as marble, ceramic, brass and wood to create thoughtful lighting solutions that are both functional and beautiful. Their range includes fixtures such as LED floor lamps, pendant lamps, wall sconces and more. The company places exceptional emphasis on craftsmanship and encourages customers to customize their lighting solutions to fit their needs perfectly.

The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability, the range includes energy-efficient LED bulbs, and many products are solar-powered and made from recycled materials such as scrap metal and wood from abandoned buildings. In addition, Christopher Boots takes advantage of the Australian climate by using natural materials that can handle the intensity of the sun and also help keep buildings cool.

Christopher Boots has quickly become a well-known lighting manufacturer and was recently awarded Emerging Designer of the Year by the Australian Design Council. The company is a respected member of the industry and works with a wide range of architects, interior designers and other partners.

Christopher Boots lighting is a perfect blend of form and function. The company's dedication to sustainable materials and innovative design combined with the craftsmanship of their lighting elevates spaces and provides beautiful yet practical lighting solutions.

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