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Searchlight is a leading lighting company in the North American market. Established in 1947, this company specializes in the production of decorative lighting fixtures, lamps, and related accessories. Its products are produced with the highest quality materials and designs. Its production facility is located in Ontario, Canada, and its products are distributed through its authorized retailers located in the United States and Canada.

As a leader in the lighting industry, Searchlight Lighting Company provides a variety of products that can suit a wide range of buyer needs and budgets. From stylish traditional to modern and contemporary designs, their products cover a variety of styles for every taste. With an emphasis on quality and performance, Searchlight Lighting Company continues to give consumers the best in lighting design.

Searchlight Lighting Company's product range includes chandeliers, pendants, and ceiling lights, wall lights, and other illumination options. The company also creates custom designs for custom projects. All of their designs are assembled and manufactured in North America, making them locally sourced and sustainable.

The company seeks to provide customers with an enduring satisfaction in all of their products with an emphasis on quality and aesthetics. Its designs are created with an eye towards sustainability and energy efficiency to create lighting systems that will last and reduce energy costs.

Searchlight Lighting Company is committed to innovation and the development of new technology. Their research is conducted within their lab and predominantly focuses on the development of new decorative light products and smart lighting controls.

The company is committed to service, with a 24/7 customer service center and knowledgeable representatives readily available to answer questions and resolve customer issues quickly. It also offers a lifetime warranty for its products.

Their product selection and customer service are complemented by a commitment to the environment. The company uses recyclable and sustainable materials that have been sustainably harvested.

Searchlight Lighting Company also regularly participate in community initiatives, often through corporate sponsorship and volunteering. Direct donations are also made to local charities and programs close to the company’s values and mission.


How much is Searchlight Memphis

Products inspired by the Searchlight Memphis collection cost an average of 1150 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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